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All About Oz

Theresa, the girl from gym class, walks down a street. The camera cuts make it clear that she's not alone. She hears a noise and growling behind her. She starts to run, looks back, and plows straight into...Angelus. Nicely done -- I didn't see that coming at all. Angelus smiles and asks if everything's okay. He's twirling a buttercup in his hand, the sheer incongruity of which cracks me up. Theresa says she thought she heard something. Angel walks a couple steps in that direction, but says there's no one there, and smiles that "it can get pretty scary out here all alone at night." Chilling. He conversationally continues that she looks familiar, and asks if she goes to school with Buffy. Theresa smiles, and Angel offers to walk her to his parlor -- er, "home."

Bronze. We get anviled with some shots of couples kissing as a band plays. Then we get a tight shot of Cordy complaining that all Xander talks about is Buffy and Willow. She leans back on the couch to reveal that she's talking to Willow. Hee. Cordy goes on that when she calls him on it, he acts confused and makes like she's the one with the problem. Willow: "His 'do I smell something' look." Ha! They bitch a bit more about Xander, then turn the subject to Oz. Willow reiterates a lot of the stuff she told Buffy earlier. They keep griping until the werewolf drops out of nowhere onto a table in front of them. Everyone runs screaming. So in a room fill of scared and horny teens, it didn't manage to bite anyone? I'd think some of the more desperate specimens would have been happy for the action.

Outside, Buffy and Giles arrive, and they note that Buffy's hunch must have been correct. Willow rushes up and tells her the werewolf is inside, and Buffy runs in just before the bouncer closes the door, like, nice to leave a seventeen-year-old girl in there by herself, tough guy. She slowly seeks the werewolf, and I'm unduly distracted by the fact that she hasn't taken off her backpack purse. That's gotta restrict her movement. She goes backstage, and after an eternity, the werewolf shows itself. Okay, she's taken off the purse and has gotten some chains out of it, so all is forgiven, I suppose. She throws the chains around the werewolf's neck, but it grabs them and tosses her into the drums, then crashes through a window and escapes. I guess Spike's comment that she's hell on the drums had some truth to it. And speaking of drums, can I get a rim-shot? No? Tough crowd.

Some time later, UnAbel has shown up; he spews some condescending sexist blather, like, try trading some of those teeth for a nuance or two, jerkweed. He gets off a decent mutter about having to deal with "People For The Ethical Treatment Of Werewolves," and bails. Previewing "Becoming Part Two," Giles mutters, "Pillock!" While I was more impressed with his steely resolve in the later episode, I'll opine that the insult is more appropriately applied to UnAbel than Angelus. Giles and Buffy move to leave as well.

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