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All About Oz

In an alley, the werewolf finds a trail of blood. It bumps into Theresa's corpse, and the camera pans up to show Angelus in vamp face. The two growl and snarl and piss at each other until Angelus withdraws. No dialogue, no cry.

In the woods, Buffy, apparently returning to Giles's car from scouting, calls his name. He wakes up with a start. She gives him a little shit for falling asleep, but is interrupted by a radio item about Theresa's death, which they assert is linked to the animal attacks of the night before. Buffy looks upset that she didn't catch the wolf earlier, but Giles assures her they'll find it the next night. "It's nearly sunrise. The werewolf won't be a werewolf much longer."

Sunrise. In the woods, we focus in on the sleeping werewolf. It starts to morph, in a rather well-done effect, and when it's done we're left with a naked Oz. And it's not even my birthday. He sits up, looks around, and utters the immortal "Huh!" One nitpick, though -- where did he wake up the morning before that didn't arouse his suspicions?

Later, Oz is home, sadly clothed, on the phone to his Aunt Maureen. He tells her the bite on his finger has healed, but that that's the reason he's calling. He comes right out and asks if Jordy's a werewolf, and doesn't seem pleased by the answer. Ostensibly in response to the question of "Why do you ask?" he says, "No reason," like, I don't expect you to be a mathematician, Auntie Maureen, but maybe you could put two and two together here? Oz, discomfited, hangs up. At school, he anxiously walks down the hallway. In the library, Buffy is castigating herself for letting the werewolf get away, and says that she should have killed it when she had the chance. Demonstrating his "cold-blooded jelly doughnut" timing, Oz walks in at that moment, and asks what she should have killed. Upon hearing the news about Theresa, he looks sad, and then nervous when he learns that he can expect to wolf out that night as well. Xander says he'll be able to figure out who the human host is, and recounts what it was like to be a hyena, until Buffy reminds him that he claimed not to remember any of that. Xander laughs and basically ignores her. Heh. He closes his eyes and concentrates, then says it's obvious who it is, and the answer's right in front of them. Oz makes a hilarious scared face, but Xander comes up with "Larry." Everyone realizes that it does seem like a pretty decent guess, what with the bite and the harassment of Theresa, not to mention the hirsuteness. Oz starts to say that maybe it's not Larry, but Xander goes to find him. Giles asks Willow to look for any other students that might fit the profile, and takes Buffy away to discuss an "alternative." Oz, still shaken, looks into space until Willow asks if he's okay, noting that he knew Theresa. She cutely invites him to help her research, but he snaps out of his reverie and hastily says that he's busy, and leaves. Buffy, standing in the doorway to Giles's office, looks concerned.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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