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And now the scene you've all been waiting for. In the locker room, Larry washes his face, then comes out into the locker room drying off and runs smack into Xander. Xander asks if he's jumpy because he's hiding something. The salami? He says he knows what Larry's been doing at night. Larry threatens him, but Xander says hurting him won't stop people from finding out. I wonder what exactly Larry has been doing at night? Dressing in drag and going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show? What does he think Xander has on him? He asks Xander if he wants money, but Xander says he just wants to help, and that he's been where Larry is now. Larry counters that Xander has no social status, but if his own secret gets out, he's finished. "I mean, come on! How are people gonna look at me after they find out I'm gay?" Xander slowly looks up. Ha! Another moment I didn't see coming at all when I first watched this. Hee hee. Larry realizes that he finally said it, and it felt okay. Xander hilariously tries to smile. Larry reiterates that he's gay. Xander, nervously: "I heard you the first time." Hee. Larry muses that he never told anyone, but Xander brought it out of him. Xander: "It probably would have slipped out even if I wasn't here." Larry demurs, puts his arm around Xander, and speculates that he beat him up so many times because he recognized something in him that he didn't want to believe about himself. Hee hee hee. Poor Xander. Hee. Xander tries to deny it, but Larry plays along, and says his secret's safe. He gives a thumbs-up, and walks off. Too, too precious. And it really brings a whole new meaning to the term "butt-monkey," doesn't it?

Library. Buffy asks Willow if anyone else fits the werewolf pattern. Willow says there's one name, and rattles off a few incidents that make it clear she's talking about Buffy. Buffy tries to defend herself. Willow deadpans that it's a good idea to count to ten when you're angry. Buffy: "One...two...three..." Hee. Willow says she'll keep looking, and Buffy tentatively notes that Oz isn't with her. They complain a bit more about men, then Buffy suggests that Willow do something daring if she wants to speed things up with Oz: Make the first move. That's daring? I thought at the very least she'd suggest that Willow lose her bra or something. As they leave the library, Willow says it used to be easier to tell if a boy liked you -- he'd punch you in the arm. Xander appears and taps Buffy's arm. We get it. Willow excuses herself, saying she promised Cordelia she'd help her with her homework. Xander: "Wow, those two gals are hanging out a lot together! This'd be a good time to panic." One of my favorite Xander lines. Buffy asks how things went with Larry, and Xander proves that he is indeed panicking by getting incredibly defensive. Buffy sighs that their lead suspect is gone. Xander assures her that she's everyone's protector, but Buffy points out that she didn't help Theresa when she "was ripped apart by that..." Xander "helpfully" supplies "werewolf," missing the point that they never actually saw or heard any evidence that Theresa died at the werewolf's, er, paw, only assumed it. Xander: "What else should we have assumed?" Xander, what kind of Slayer is Buffy?

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