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When we return, Willow runs out the side door. Ooh, she's been to Oz's house before. Naughty naughty! Although I would have run down to his basement and barricaded myself in that little closet around the corner from the...whoops. Anyway, Willow runs down the street and manages to scramble over a large fence. When Oz tries to do the same, Willow picks up a garbage can and clocks him in the face. Between this trick and the one she pulled in "School Hard," I'm thinking Willow must be pumping a little iron on the side. She's totally the type who would lift secretly for three years just to be able to haul off and clock Harmony at exactly the right moment. Anyway, UnAbel drives down a street, and hears a howl. Boring.

In the library, Giles is assembling a tranquilizer gun when Buffy enters and fills him in on the happenings with Theresa. Giles offers his condolences, but Buffy waves them off in favor of action. In the woods, Willow runs, with the Oz-wolf in pursuit. She trips and falls, but the Oz-wolf sniffs something else in the air, and runs off. From beyond the grave, that chick in the "Thriller" video thinks, "Why didn't I get a lame werewolf like that?" Willow bails, and in the next scene, busts into the library and reveals Oz's secret. Well, that's not very polite. I mean, you wouldn't want him to tell people that you fart in your sleep or anything, would you, Willow? Anyway, the three of them head back to the woods. That's where we return as well, as sometime soon after, the Oz-wolf tentatively approaches some raw meat that UnAbel has left out for him. UnAbel takes aim at him from close by. Right before he pulls the trigger, however, Buffy comes flying out of nowhere, grabs the gun from UnAbel, and clocks him in the face with it. The Oz-wolf, seeing this, goes to attack Buffy.

Giles and Willow arrive, but Giles can't get a clear shot at Oz. Oz then throws Buffy into Giles and Willow, knocking them down. Willow's back on her feet quickly, though, and grabs the gun and manages to shoot Oz, who goes down faster than a Real World: Las Vegas cast member. Buffy retrieves UnAbel's gun as he gets to his feet, complaining that no one in Sunnydale is "man enough" to kill the monsters. Buffy demurs, and bends the barrel of his gun before tossing it back to him. "How about you let the door hit you in the ass on the way out of town." And if the door's unavailable, I'll volunteer my foot. Willow cutely asks if Oz will be okay, and Giles confirms that. Aw. The first time you shoot your boyfriend with a tranquilizer dart is so traumatic.

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