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Primeval (2)

Back in 314, the gang does the same. "Wow, that was --" begins Willow breathlessly. She's interrupted by a demon breaking through the door, followed closely by Spike, who quickly subdues him. Spike tells the gang that they were lucky he was here, and Giles thanks him but notes, "Although your heroism is slightly muted by the fact that you were helping Adam to start a war that would kill us all." Xander chimes in with, "You probably just saved us so we wouldn't stake you right here." Spike picks up the line that Xander has so helpfully thrown him and agrees. "Did it work?" he queries as the gang gives each other "whatever" looks and exhaustedly rises to their feet. Buffy and Riley burst through the secret door, and Willow runs over to hug Buffy. "Wasn't it amazing?" she says. "You were great," says Xander. "We were great," Buffy corrects him. Oh, man. They're just making it TOO easy with this subtext. Riley reminds Buffy that there are still people in danger, and Spike pipes up with, "Let's go save 'em, by gum!" Giles gives him a look, and Buffy dispatches the gang. I hope they don't leave those candles unattended. That's dangerous, you know.

Ace tells me that the next scene is a total rip-off of The X-Files, and since I don't watch that show, I'll take her word for it. A group of men sit around a table in an unidentifiable black room. A white-haired gentleman recaps the history of the Initiative as we see various shots of Buffy kicking ass, the gang helping the survivors out of the building, and Colonel McFlabby getting his just reward. White Hair recommends shutting down the Initiative and ends with, "Burn it down and salt the earth," which is really how I feel about THIS ENTIRE SEASON. Cigarette Smoking Man sits in a corner, waiting to take a check back to Chris Carter. In the memo section of the check is written, "For scenes stolen. Thanks, Joss."

Next week it looks like we have another dreams-go-awry episode. "But Sep," you say, "Didn't they already make that episode in the first season and call it 'Nightmares'?" Well, not really. Judging from the previews, the finale deals with the gang getting trapped in a nightmare universe, and their quest to return things to normal. "Nightmares" dealt with the gang in the real universe as they got menaced by a manifestation of their nightmares, and their quest to return things to normal. Got it?

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