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Primeval (2)

Buffy walks across campus, her arms crossed and her face all scowly. She meets up with Willow, Xander, and Giles, and the four of them look uncomfortably at each other. Xander explains that Anya decided not to come, and Willow whines that Tara didn't "feel welcome." Whatever, Will. That is all in your head, fight or no fight. Buffy asks who specifically told Willow that the others were talking behind her back; Willow, a little embarrassed, replies that it was Spike. She starts to justify herself, but Buffy interrupts to ask Xander who told him the others thought he should join the Army. Xander, starting to realize what has happened, confirms that it was Spike. Giles, sucking on a soda, assures Xander, "Well, uh, Spike can be very convincing, when, when, when, uh -- I'm very stupid." Buffy, explaining the obvious for the slower viewers at home, says, "Spike played us." She tries to smooth things over by saying, "That's where it came from, the stuff we said the other night." All the Scoobies agree that they're moving on from the fight, but then they just stand uncomfortably for a moment. Willow wonders why Spike purposefully made them angry at each other, and Buffy says she sure it was a deliberate plan having to do with Adam. Xander exclaims, "Spike's working for Adam? After all we've done -- nah, I can't even act surprised," and Giles gives a little smile. Buffy tells the gang about how she found Spike in Adam's lair, and Willow breaks in with her news that the disks decrypted themselves. She says the disks contain information the group already had about Lab 314, but also talk about a final phase, where "Adam manufactures a bunch of creepy cyber-demonoids like him" in a secret Initiative lab. Buffy realizes that Adam gave Spike the disks to give to her, and that she's intended to be aware of the "evil-guy assembly line." She continues that the demons in the overcrowded Initiative containment cells were caught so easily that it's as if they wanted to get into the compound. "The Trojan horse," realizes Giles, and Buffy confirms, for those in the viewing audience unsure of their mythology, that the demons will attack the Initiative from the inside. Xander speculates that the demons and soldiers will massacre each other, and Willow wraps everything up by saying that then Adam will have a pile of demon and human body parts from which to assemble his army. She rates the plan "diabolical, yet gross." Xander quips that he misses the Mayor, who just wanted to turn into a big snake. I and everyone else in the viewing audience except for Owen, who actually likes Adam, agrees. I'm beginning to suspect that he has a chip in hishead. Giles decides that they should warn the Initiative of Adam's plan, but the gang can't think of anyone to whom the military would listen. Xander asks why Adam wants Buffy there, and she decides it's because Adam wants her to "help even the kill ratio."

Another Adam scene. Oh how it makes me want to cry. In the actually secret Initiative lab Adam says he can "feel" that Buffy is coming and Spike excitedly hops onto a gurney, again asking for Adam to remove his chip. He asks him to be careful of his hair because he doesn't "fancy a combover once [he] resume[s] his killings ways." Riley, still immobilized in his chair, rolls his eyes at Spike. Adam says he won't remove Spike's chip until Buffy is actually there. Spike sighs. Lather, rinse, repeat scene where Spike wants his chip removed, ad nauseam.

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