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Primeval (2)

Back in the secret lab FrankenFlash and Spike are watching the security monitors. Spike calls it Must-See-TV as we see Buffy being led down a hallway under armed guard. I'd make a joke about how NBC hasn't had Must See TV for the past few years (aside from Freaks & Geeks), but it's not nice to kick someone when they're down. Spike pages "Dr. Owe-Me-One" to remove his chip, but Adam points out that the Scooby Gang has accompanied Buffy. Adam tells Spike that he's failed him again, and Spike admits, "That's one way of looking at it." Adam wants to know what the other way is, but the dramatic music kicks in and spurs Spike to flee for his freedom. He's stopped at the door by Forrest, who grabs Spike's neck in a choke hold. Spike protests that he did try and that should count for something. Adam agrees to hold up his side of the bargain and directs Forrest to "take [Spike's] head off." Forrest pushes Spike over to the control panel and begins to choke him. Huh? Is he trying to squeeze his head off? That's not very efficient. Spike slowly raises his cigarette and burns FrankenForrest's eye until he lets him go. Spike takes this opportunity to make a run for the border, and Adam tells FrankenForrest to let Spike go because he has nowhere left to hide.

Over in another part of the Initiative, Colonel McFlabby (tm Ace) is going through the Gang's bags. "You think you and your friends can just keep waltzing into a government installation brandishing weapons like, like . . ." he trails off as he holds a large pear-shaped object aloft. Willow helpfully points out that he's holding a gourd; Giles looks sheepish and admits it's a magic gourd. Doesn't Giles and the Magic Gourdsound like a great children's book? ["Or an entertaining porno, depending on how you think of Giles." -- Sars] Colonel McFlabby calls them a bunch of freaks. Buffy, arms crossed, tells the Colonel that Adam has infiltrated the Initiative and that the crowded containment cells are a Trojan horse waiting to happen. The Colonel interrupts forcefully, "Every inch of this installation is under constant twenty-four-hour surveillance." Uh-huh. Which is why it has been so easy for the gang to infiltrate the Initiative. Willow wants to know if that also includes the secret lab. "Including everything," roars Colonel McFlabby but then quietly asks Buffy what secret lab they're talking about. She informs him that they are referring to the lab that was going to be used for the "final stage of the 314 project," but quickly realizes he doesn't know what they're talking about. The Colonel corrects her, saying, "A tick on a mouse couldn't get in without my knowing it." It's nice to know that the Initiative is safe from an infestation of vermin, but I seem to recall groups of humans getting in without the Colonel realizing it. Giles asks how they plan to destroy Adam; McFlabby, who you would think wouldn't be so willing to share his battle plan, informs the gang that they're going to shock him with all the taser guns they have. Buffy points out the flaw in this plan, mainly that Adam gains strength from voltage overloads, and reads McFlabby the riot act, saying that "you, the Initiative, the boys at the Pentagon are messing with primeval forces you have absolutely no comprehension of." "And you do?" sneers McFlabby. "I'm the Slayer, you're playing on my turf." Willow gets a little "take that" half-smile on her face at the return of Spunky Buffy. McFlabby proclaims that down in the labs they're actually on his turf, where he is in control. As soon as he utters the word "control," the hubris police step in and the lights cut out, plunging them into darkness for a moment before the emergency lights come on. A random tech whom I will call Ensign Crusher announces that the backup power isn't responding. He punches a few keys, producing no effect, and declares that they're locked out.

Back at the secret secret Initiative lab, Adam sits in front of a control station, powering down the building. On the monitors, we see him wait until two scientists enter the containment area before he unlocks the cells and announces, "This will be interesting." Not if you've got anything to do with it, buddy.

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