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Primeval (2)

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Primeval (2)

In the containment labs, red lights flash and the universal red-alert noise clangs. The doors to the cells open and the demons rush out. One of the only other female Initiative scientists that we've ever seen drops her clipboard and tries to run but is tackled by a demon. The camera focuses on her clipboard which is suddenly sprayed with blood.

Ensign Crusher tells Colonel McFlabby that all the hostiles are loose. Buffy pleads with the Colonel to just stay out of her way because she's the only one who can take care of Adam. The Colonel announces to his men that they've got to secure the armory and makes a point of telling another soldier that Buffy and the gang are under arrest. He strides out with his testosterone brigade, leaving two -- count 'em, two -- guys to guard the Slayer and her three friends. How did this dink ever achieve the rank of Colonel? As soon as the Colonel rounds the corner, Buffy quickly drop-kicks Ensign Crusher and knocks his friend unconscious. She takes the gun, and Willow quickly seats herself at another station on the control panel and starts typing frantically. Giles tells Buffy that the enjoining spell is very volatile, and to cast it they'll need a quiet place close to where she is going to be. "Quiet?" questions Xander, indicating a surveillance monitor which is showing the extreme chaos of the pit.

We're now in the pit. Flying bodies all around. A commando takes out a demon with his machine gun but doesn't see the vampire who grabs and drains him from behind. Another (female) scientist has her neck viciously snapped. Hey, how come in this episode we've seen more female scientists being killed than we've seen during the whole history of the Initiative? They're not trying to subtly manipulate us in any way, are they? In the thick of all this, the camera rests on Spike, who momentarily looks confused but then starts kicking demon ass in slow motion. Wow. I'm really enjoying this. I think we need more ass-kicking by Spike. ["Seconded!" -- Ace]

Back in the control room, Buffy asks Willow how things are coming along. Willow tells her that the computer shows air ducts and electricity running into a part of the lab that supposedly doesn't exist. Oh, COME ON -- how could everyone have missed that until now? I know I personally think large government agencies are pretty inept, but this is ridiculous. Buffy says it must be Adam, because the area in question is located directly behind room 314. She asks Willow if they can unlock it, and Willow reports that the only doors in the Initiative that are locked are the exits. Buffy says that all they have to do now is get there.

Back in the pit, it's still a chaotic scene. More carnage. More female scientists trucked in to raise our sympathy levels. We see a shot of Graham in the fray, firing his machine gun. A door opens, and Buffy runs out, followed by Xander brandishing a bolt gun, Willow, and Giles carrying his magic gourd. They make their way across the pit as dramatic music swells. Buffy is punching and kicking demons out of their way, clearing a path. Xander tasers a demon, and Willow raises her arms and cowers, which is what I imagine my contribution would probably be. At one point Buffy tackles Willow to remove her from the path of machine-gun fire whizzing right where her head had been. Giles helps her up and they run the rest of the way to 314. Giles gets his moment to shine as he clocks a demon near the door with his gourd. Xander is a brave little toaster, covering the rest of the gang until they are safely inside.

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