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Death becomes her

Library. Giles gets knocked into a wooden table, which breaks, leaving a convenient large splintered piece of wood pointing skyward. Outside, a couple vamps set upon Angel and Xander. Xander protects himself with a cross. Angel dispatches his foe, and Xander punches his.

The battle in the library is almost lost, as Giles, Miss Calendar, and Willow are all cornered by different heads of the Hellmouth.

Buffy does a flip over the Master, and kicks him. He whirls and grabs her by the throat. She quickly looks through the skylight, and sees the wooden protrusion. He snarls, "Where are your jibes now? Will you laugh when my hell is on earth?" Buffy, in a steely voice: "You're that amped about hell?" I have to remind myself that when this originally aired, people still actually said "amped." She grabs his throat, which makes much more of an impression. "Go there." She flips him over, and he crashes through the skylight. He's neatly impaled on the pointed splinter of table. Instead of combusting, his skin disintegrates away, until there's nothing left but a skeleton. The Hellmouth pulls a brave, brave Sir Robin.

The gang convenes in the library. Xander informs those who didn't know that Buffy died. Giles: "I should have known that wouldn't stop you." Aw. They decide to go to the Bronze. Buffy's hair is back to wet and scraggly, which I'll just ignore. Miss Calendar presciently asks about the Master, but Buffy thinks he's not going anywhere. They all walk out, and we can make out some of their separate comments. Giles says he's not dancing; Cordy takes credit for driving into the school, and Angel says he really likes Buffy's dress. Buffy: "Yeah, yeah. Big hit with everyone." They leave us to wonder whether they'll be back for another season. Thank God they were. Final shot: The Master's bones.

Yay! We got a classic season done! Tune in on rerun weeks for more classic recaps -- in the meantime, let's hope Season Seven is watchable, for everyone's sake, but especially Ace and Sep's.

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