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Death becomes her

School. We pan over the skylight in the library, which is a nice choice, given what happens later. We see Giles doing some research. In his office, he has a breakthrough translating something. He reads aloud, "The Master shall rise, and the Slayer...my God!" He reaches for his tea, but stops when the cup starts to shake. That guy from "Jitters" must be around. Soon everything's shaking, and we've got a full-on earthquake. At the Bronze, people take cover. Cordy and Meathead look around from inside the car. She's thinking, "This is not what I had in mind when I bought that 'If this car's a-rockin', don't come a knockin'' bumper sticker." Buffy looks skyward. Giles gets out of the office, and several shelves and part of the floor collapse. Cut to the Master hamming it up underground, saying the earthquake is a sign that they're "in the final days." Well, your final days, at least. I liked the Master, but I'm glad they got rid of him when they did -- he was kind of a one-joke character. Plus, replacing all that scenery he chewed must have been expensive. The earthquake stops, and he casually asks the Anointed One, "What do you think? Five point one?" Heh. Credits.

Library. Buffy, in an ugly micro-mini, enters and comments that the damage looks fairly severe, and wonders if they're safe. Giles stares at her in a haze, but finally says that they are indeed safe, although they probably shouldn't go up on the balcony. Perceiving that he's out of sorts, Buffy asks him if he got any sleep. He says that he was working. Buffy fills him in on the previous evening's hunt, and they realize that the vampires are increasing in number and cockiness. Buffy complains that she had a close call, but Giles is too distracted to react. She whines that she even broke a nail, and says he could at least have a reaction. "You could go, 'Hmm.'" Giles: "Hmm?" Buffy: Eye-roll. Giles apologizes, but says he can't really talk. Buffy says that's okay, because she has to go meet her "terrible fate." Giles jumps at that, but she clarifies, "Biology." She leaves.

Buffy, Xander, and Willow emerge from biology class, complaining about how boring it was. I had biology right after lunch my freshman year of high school. That was not a good recipe for staying awake. Buffy is wearing sunglasses, and I wonder about the fact that that's a rare occurrence for kids on this show. After all, it is California. Willow: "Even I was bored, and I'm a science nerd." Buffy tells her not to say that, but Willow says that nerds are in, as it's the computer age. Then, worriedly: "They're still in, right?" Aw. Nerd. Xander, with all the subtlety of a monster truck, asks Willow if she has a "thing." Hem. Haw. Leave.

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