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Death becomes her

Angel and Xander see the light. Angel says it's too late, but they rush on anyway. Angel reaches Buffy first. She's laid out in the water like a Christ figure. He grabs her and pulls her out, but upon checking her breathing and her pulse, he pronounces her dead. Xander looks on inscrutably.

After the break, Xander says she's not dead. Angel points out that she's not breathing, but Xander says that if she drowned, they have a shot at reviving her with CPR. I'm willing to suspend my disbelief that Xander would actually know CPR, since it is Buffy's life we're talking about. Angel says that Xander has to do it, as he has no breath. I'd be willing to suspend my disbelief on that point, too, were it not for the fact that Angel was panting when he reached Buffy just then. They get to work. Xander desperately urges Buffy to wake up.

Willow and Miss Calendar watch the vamps advance until they hear tires squeal behind them. They turn, and it's Cordy, who urgently tells them to get in.

Xander continues to work on Buffy, telling her to breathe. Just as Angel lowers his head in defeat, Buffy opens her eyes, seemingly suffused with some new power. She coughs up about a teaspoon of water. Xander and Angel smile at each other. Well, there's a first (and last) time for everything. Buffy focuses on Xander, and says his name. He welcomes her back. Why couldn't Xander's show of bravery and maturity have been parlayed into something permanent? Not the last time I'll be asking that, I daresay.

Miss Calendar and Willow hurry into Cordy's car. A vamp appears on the windshield, and they scream. Willow says they have to get to the library, and Cordy sets her jaw and floors it. She turns around, throwing off the vamp that was on the car, and drives straight through some doors into the school, busting two large holes as she goes. Go Cordy! I love that part. Giles hears the ruckus (uh, what ruckus?) and gets up. Cordy drives right up to the library doors, and the girls run in with the vamps hot on their tails. They barricade the doors with whatever they can find. We see a shot from the other side of the library. Giles asks why the vamps are coming there. In the foreground, we get an answer, as a large tentacle slithers into view.

The Master walks out onto the roof of the school. He crows about his "beautiful world." Uh, if it's so great, why are you trying to destroy it? Just checking.

Angel and Xander help Buffy to her feet, and tell her that the Master's gone up. She starts to walk away. Xander says she's still weak, but Buffy corrects him. "I feel strong. I feel different...let's go." From this, I think we're meant to understand that there was a two-way transference of power between her and the Master. And even if that's wrong, I'd rather they explain too little than give us some crap-ass story like "magic addiction." I will never forgive them for that. Oh, shit, I really sullied the recap this time. Damn.

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