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He once again ends up in his basement apartment, which is lit by only a few small lamps. Xander looks disgusted by his location, and looks around for Tara and Willow. He once again hears the knob at the top of the stairs rattling loudly. "I know what's up there," shouts Xander, and the rattling turns into pounding. As he backs away he runs into the cheese man from Willow's dream. The little man holds a platter of cheese slices up to Xander and tells him, "These will not protect you." The pounding on the door becomes increasingly loud, and Xander runs out of the basement through another door. He's in a hallway at UC Sunnydale, lit only in green and violet light. Spooky horror-movie music scratches away on the soundtrack as Xander hurries down a crowded hallway. He encounters Giles, who is munching on an apple. Xander asks what's after him, and Giles says blithely, "It's because of what we did. I know that." Xander is confused, and Giles leans in and tells him that what he's about to say is of utmost importance. He then begins speaking in rapid, dubbed French. Xander is now totally confused and tries to get Giles to explain in a way he can understand. Giles calls Xander an idiot, I made out that much, and then Anya hurries up to them, also speaking French. Xander tells them he can't understand, and Anya says (in French) that it's not important. She and a bunch of students then grab him by the arms and hurry him off down the hall.

Then we see Xander walking through the jungle in camo gear, same as the supposed scene from Apocalypse Now he was watching earlier. Xander, arms tied behind his back, is led into a dark room and made to kneel on the floor. From the darkness a voice asks him where he's from. Xander replies that he's mostly from the basement. As the voice talks, I realize it belongs to Snyder, who's lying on a bunk in the corner of the room. Snyder blathers about some experience where he realized the children of today are a "bunch of mulch." ["I believe this was a direct lift from Brando's scene as Colonel Kurtz in the movie." -- Sars] Xander replies that he's very happy Snyder got eaten by a snake. Snyder asks him where he's heading, and Xander explains he has to meet Willow, Tara, and Buffy's mom. Snyder sits up and smoothes some water on his head as Xander tells him he's being followed by something he "can't fight." Snyder asks if he's a soldier, Xander replies he's a comfortador, and Snyder contradicts him, saying he's actually a whipping boy.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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