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...With A Vengeance

Giles ushers people out, but Joyce hesitates. Even though he was far ahead of her, I'd have thought he'd pay special attention to getting her out.

On the lawn, Xander is getting his ass kicked. Shocker. Angel saves him, and the henchvamps flee.

Spike throws Buffy into a wall. Then he punches, but she ducks, and his hand goes through the wall. She kicks him for good measure. He mutters that that hurt. However, he pulls a wooden beam out of the wall and clocks Buffy with it. "But not as much as this will." He raises the beam on high, but the axe from earlier beans him on the head, knocking him down. He looks up to see a very mama-bear-looking Joyce. "You get the hell away from my daughter." Buffy gets to her feet. Spike snarls, "Women!" and takes off. Joyce: "Nobody lays a hand on my little girl." They embrace. This Not Without My Daughter moment was brought to you by Joss Whedon.

Outside, police cars are on the scene. Snyder confers with the cop in charge. Giles and Miss Calendar exit the building. Giles says he'll understand if she starts avoiding him. Foreshadowing mouths "The Dark Age" to me. Miss Calendar smiles and takes Giles's arm. Aw.

Xander asks why Angel didn't hit Spike. Angel says he had to know whether Spike was buying his act. When you put it that way, what were the chances? Xander asks what would have happened if Spike had bitten him. Angel: "We would have known he bought it." A fine, fine Angel moment there. Xander asks him what a sire is, but he doesn't answer. Possibly because Joss hadn't decided yet.

The cop says he needs a story to tell the Mayor (yay!), and asks if the usual "gang-related PCP" chestnut is what he wants. Snyder asks if he'd prefer the truth. Cop: "Right. Gang-related, PCP." Hee. And Snyder knows something after all!

Buffy asks Joyce what she and Snyder talked about. Joyce says that Snyder said that Buffy is a troublemaker, but she "could care less." Groan. Joyce, you were doing so well this episode, and then you had to bust out one of my biggest grammatical pet peeves. Joyce goes on: "I have a daughter who can take care of herself, who's brave, and resourceful, and thinks of others in a crisis." She says she'll sleep better knowing that. Buffy asks how long before Joyce starts nagging her again. Joyce: "At least a week and a half." Buffy: "Very cool!" Aw.

In the utility closet, Cordy is praying out loud for God to get them out of their jam as Willow gives her a double dose of the stink-eye. I think they just couldn't resist a goofy scene here -- I don't think Cordy would be talking if they still thought they were in danger, nor do I think Buffy would have forgotten about them. Cordy goes on that she won't be mean to anyone, unless they really deserve it or it's "that time of the month." Willow: "Ask for some aspirin." Cordy starts to comply, then snaps, "Hey!" Hee.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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