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Library. Giles reiterates that Yakula called Spike "Spike," and wonders if he has another name. Several, if you count "Blondie Bear" and "Boo-Boo." More blather about the Night of St. Contrivance. Well, really. I wish they'd just call plot points like this "the Night of St. A Wizard Did It" so I know not to try to figure them out. It would make things so much easier. Willow wonders if they could hide on Saturday, especially if Spike is leading the attack. Giles says he can't be worse than any other creature she's faced. Giles obviously has yet to get Buffy's jinx lecture. On cue, Angel's voice cuts in: "He's worse. Once he starts something, he doesn't stop, until everything in his path is dead." Or laid. Buffy, not one to let a vicious murderer get in the way of her love life, says that she thought Angel said he might show up at the Bronze. Angel counters that she said she wasn't sure she was going. Considering that he was snooping around dumpsters trying to locate her in this last episode, I find this restraint a bit difficult to buy. Buffy says she was being cool. That's a matter of opinion. She opines that at his age, he should know what a girl means when she says "maybe [she'll] show." Really? Because from what I know from my girlfriends, it's equally likely to mean "I wouldn't be any more definite to be there if I were meeting Brad Pitt" or "I'd rather be the middle of a Drew Carey/Louie Anderson sandwich than show up to meet you." So I can't really blame Angel for getting this one wrong. (Oh, and sorry for that image.) Willow muses about the number of dates Angel must have had at his age. Not clear on that one either. Giles, thankfully, brings the conversation back to business. Looking down at a book, he asks Angel if Spike goes by any other names, but when everyone looks in Angel's direction, he's gone already. Jeez, now that you're in the opening credits, could you stick around long enough to give your love interest some useful information, Stealth Guy?

Factory. We hear chanting. The camera pans across a TV playing static, and a collection of dolls. Music-box music starts to play over the chanting. We hear Dru: "Miss Edith speaks out of turn." What did she say? "I'm sick of your faux-crazy rantings, bitch! And could you pronounce an 'H' once in a while"? Dru's hand reaches in to turn Miss Edith's face to the wall, and says that she's a bad example. Spike appears and asks Dru if she's going to eat anything. Dru bleats that she's not 'ungry, and that she misses Prague. Spike points out that she nearly died in Prague. "Idiot mob." Hee. He goes on that the Hellmouth will restore her health. They lie on the bed and listen to the chanting, expositing that it's in preparation for the Night of St. Contrivance. Dru tells Spike he should join them in order to make nice with the A.O. We see that Sheila is tied up and gagged in the corner. Despite her "bad" persona, she doesn't seem too happy about it. Dru crazies something about her hair falling out. Spike agrees to go "get chanty," but says that Dru has to eat something, and throws Sheila to her. He leaves. Dru turns Sheila toward the dolls. "You see, Miss Edith? If you'd been good you could watch with the rest." Miss Edith: "Nothing I haven't seen before, 'Brit' girl." Quick cut to the dolls, and then Dru's in vamp face. Sheila cowers in terror, and Dru vamp-growls and bites her.

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