Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Seeing Red

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Seeing Red

Amusement park. Buffy and Warren fight. She can't beat him, because he's invincible and all. As they fight, Andrew chants, "Kill her! Kill her!" What a disturbing little man. Warren and Buffy are exchanging quips and blows when suddenly Jonathan jumps on her back. To Warren and Andrew it looks like a futile attempt to take out the Slayer, but Jonathan uses the opportunity to tell Buffy to "smash [Warren's] orbs." Dude, she was already trying. Oh, those orbs. Buffy throws off Jonathan and attacks Warren again, but he tosses her into a park bench. He stands over her, ready to finish the job, and quips, "Say goodnight, bitch." As he pulls back his arm, his carefully crafted orb pouch is revealed, clipped to his belt. Buffy grabs the pseudo-scrotum and smashes said orbs. That Buffy, such a ball-buster! Geddit? Big sigh. All the power races out of Warren; Buffy faces him and, as commanded, says, "Goodnight, bitch!" She knocks him down and then advances on him, saying he'll pay for the crimes he's committed. However, Warren has other plans. He scrambles to his feet and rips off his jacket, revealing a jet-pack strapped to his back. He powers up, and as he jets away he, in classic villain style, vows to get his revenge on Buffy. "Oh, c'mon!" groans Buffy, watching him go, and I heartily agree. Where was this jet-pack hiding? Why didn't anyone see a big honkin' bulge under his jacket? Why wasn't it damaged in the melee? Why do I even still care enough to ask these questions? Oh, right. Money. Andrew then throws off his jacket; he too is wearing a jet-pack. Jonathan whines that he didn't get one. "This round to you, but the game is far from over," declares Andrew pompously, and then promptly jets right up and smacks his head on the roof of the porch he's standing under. I have to admit that I laughed out loud the first time I saw that. I know, there's no excuse. You have my apologies and I'm sure it won't happen again. Jonathan looks guilty, and Buffy looks exasperated.

Sunnydale police station. Some officers lead the handcuffed Andrew and Jonathan inside. On the way, Jonathan snarls at Andrew, "Jet-packs! You jerks were settin' me up to take the fall!" Andrew's not listening, though, because he's too sad that Warren flew away and left him. Inside, Jonathan looks anxious as Andrew snivels more about how Warren used him and "never really loved…hanging out with us." The beta nerds are seated on a bench, and when Andrew asks if Warren will come back for them, Jonathan gives him a "you poor dumb shit" look.

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