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Back on Soundstage London, England, Giles throws open the door, walks in, and sees Nora/Laura lying on the floor. He starts yelling, "Robson," and then sees BG lying on the floor, head propped against an easy chair. Giles does the "Giles" (takes off his glasses and bows his head) as Robson's eyes flutter open and he moans, "Gather them. It's started." Giles begins to blather something pseudo-comforting as one of the black-clad assassins appears behind him, raises a giant axe, and swings toward Giles's neck. The blade slices through the air, and the screen goes black. Wow. Might Giles actually bite the big one? As I ponder that, I really don't want to have my nose rubbed in the fact that promotional consideration was furnished by Aimee Mann's record label. Of course they paid -- why broadcast it? What's next? A big white screen that says "This Space Available," with Joss Whedon's phone number?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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