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Building with domed skylight. Someone dressed in black lowers himself down from the ceiling Mission Impossible-style. It's dweeb Andrew, looking very Tobey from Dawson's Creek in wire-rimmed glasses and a black beret. He hovers in front of a museum case and snaps some sort of fancy suction-cup-type thing to the glass. Behind him, Warren and Jonathan clomp into the room. They mock Andrew for all his fancy preparations, since the security system in the museum is "a guy named Rusty." Warren is impatient and steps up to the museum case, cutting through the glass with a blow torch. Andrew whines that Warren gets to play with all the "cool stuff," so Jonathan has to remind him why they couldn't play with the blow torch: "I'm allergic to methane and you're still afraid of hot things." Besides, the weight of the methane tank would make both of them tip over. Snerk. I'm a little miffed that they explained the tank. Now my "How pathetically out of shape are you, nerd boy?" quip seems almost out of place. Warren finishes cutting and reaches into the case to pull out a large diamond. They celebrate finishing with "phase one" of their Ultra Secret Very Hush-Hush Master Plan. As they turn to leave, they run into a security guard, the aforementioned Rusty. Warren tries to stall for time with Rusty and not-so subtly hints that the other two guys should "get the freeze ray." They fail to understand until Warren glares at them. Jonathan and Andrew fumble around in their bags, and then Jonathan zaps Rusty with -- you guessed it -- the freeze ray. Which has a satisfactory freezy effect on Rusty, and a not-so-satisfactory freezy effect on the entire ray and Jonathan's hand. Warren gloats, but Jonathan whines that he wants to go back to the lair, as he can't feel his fingers. On the way out, Warren expositions that Rusty will be okay in a few days after he defrosts.

Summers home. Amy is still sitting on the bed, arms wrapped around her knees, but she isn't naked anymore. Looks like she's wearing Willow's clothes, which are just a tiny bit snug. Willow brings her some hot chocolate, but Amy is very jumpy and not interested. "I felt like I was in that cage for weeks," she exclaims, to Willow's chagrin. She's hoping to go to prom (with Larry!), but realizes from Willow's "oh shit" face that perhaps she's going to hear some bad news. Willow is forced to explain that Larry was gay, Larry is dead, and not only is prom over, but high school is too. "How long was I in the cage?" demands Amy. Sigh. Poor Larry. I miss him so. I would trade a thousand Season Six Jonathans for one Larry. Which, by my calculations, would work out to one Larry exactly.

Buffy enters the house and trots upstairs. She finds Willow sitting alone in her room, and they exchange some conversation about how Willow is doing. Buffy then sits on the bed, because she has something she wants to discuss. She starts a preamble about good and bad choices, but is interrupted by the bathroom door opening. Buffy assumes Tara is visiting, and does a double-take when she realizes she's seeing Amy. Amy has obviously been thinking while in the restroom (I wonder if she appreciated the toilet paper, yet felt compelled to nibble on the cardboard roll). "The whole school?" she asks Willow, ignoring Buffy. "By a giant snake thing," Amy continues. "Okay, still adjusting." Amy then greets Buffy. Buffy: "Hi. How've you been?" Amy: "Rat. You?" Buffy: "Dead." Amy: "Huh." The actress who plays Amy is doing a very good job with the whole "totally freaked and disoriented" thing. After an offer to stay the night from Buffy, Amy goes downstairs to look for cookies. Upstairs, Buffy expresses her surprise at seeing Amy, and Willow claims she "just realized" she could do the spell. She then says, "It's nice having another magically inclined friend around," which I think in her mind was a dig at Tara but seems to hurt Buffy's feelings. Unaware of this, Willow tries to pursue their interrupted conversation, but Buffy says she can't top the Amy conversion. This is a little tangential, but I'm left wondering if Buffy knows that Willow cast the spell that went wrong last week. We know Tara knows, and it seemed pretty clear that Dawn and Xander figured it out. However, Buffy wasn't there when the crystal was smashed. So either nobody told her that Willow tried to wipe her memories of Heaven, or they did tell her and she just doesn't seem to care. Feh. Why am I worrying about this? I have the far greater problem of Spuffy snogging to contend with.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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