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Bronze. Close-up of scantily clad cage-dancing boys. Please. If I wanna see half-naked boys in cages, I'll look three feet to my right. Up on the catwalk, Amy and Willow are wearing big smiles and start waving their hands and flinging magic around willy-nilly. You can tell it's magic because of all the colored trails of light emanating from their fingertips. Note to effects department: Effects that I can imitate myself with a ninety-nine-cent package of sparklers are far less special than I like my effects. The girls merrily change everything more to their liking. The band. The patrons. People are turned into sheep. It's all giggles with Wills and Amy.

Back to Spike and Buffy, who have taken the fight inside. "Poor little lost girl," snarls Spike. "She doesn't fit in anywhere. She's got no one to love." He swings from a crystal chandelier in an abandoned house and kicks Buffy in the chin. "Me?" she retorts. "Poor Spikey. Can't be a human. Can't be a vampire. Where the hell do you fit in?" as she throws him onto the fireplace hard enough to send a few bricks crumbling. "I'm in love with you," he croaks hoarsely from the hearth. Right. Love. I'm none too pleased with Buffy's behavior here, but at least she's not claiming to be IN LOVE with the person she's kicking the shit out of. Buffy: "You're in love with pain. You like me because you enjoy getting beat down." He throws her against the wall, causing a small avalanche of plaster.

Bronze. Witches are bored. As am I. I know that Willow and Amy are treading down a dark path, but it all seems so incredibly banal. I might have gotten a kick out of turning people into sheep when I was five, but now it just seems pointless. Willow waves her hand, and everything returns to normal. They decide to head off somewhere else to find bigger fun.

Buffy. Spike. Fight. She slams him against the wall. Banter about whether or not he's hurt her. Aside: I don't care how physically well matched they are. This scene is just disturbing on so many levels. These are two very, very screwed up people. And I certainly hope that it was Mutant Enemy's intent that we be disturbed by this, because otherwise I am completely confused as to the message that this is sending. Spike thinks that Buffy is afraid of giving him the opportunity to hurt her. "Afraid I'm going to…" he continues, but the rest of his sentenced is drowned out by the smushing of Buffy lips on lips of Spike. Suddenly there's all this…rocking, and the first time I saw this, my brain actually let me have a few blissful seconds during which I believed the movement was caused by the house collapsing around them, making them lose their footing or something.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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