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Buffy and Chris re-converge at the spot where Daryl took Cordy. Buffy finds one of her pompoms, and demands that Chris tell her where she is. After some hesitation, he complies. She instructs him to find Willow and Xander and bring them. She leaves.

Cordy pleads with Daryl as Eric pours some gasoline into a container for some purpose that's probably obvious to anyone who hasn't written this recap, and therefore isn't me. Daryl tells Cordy that he has to do this so they can be together. She gamely tries to convince him that she'll be with him anyway, but he wasn't reborn yesterday. Geddit? Oh, shut up. He tells her that they'll hide together. Eric finishes sterilizing a knife in a large Bunsen burner and moves to do the deed, although that knife isn't going to be nearly big or sharp enough to cut bone. Maybe it's just for the initial cut. I'm tired, okay?

Buffy busts in. Eric throws the knife at her, but she catches it, nine kinds of kick-ass written on her face. She tries to reason with Daryl, saying that Chris sent her to stop him, but he doesn't believe that either. He grabs a cleaver-looking thing and tries to do the job on Cordy himself, but Buffy grabs him, and they fight. The gas can gets knocked over and starts leaking. Daryl flips Buffy over the gurney. Eric tries to leave, but Daryl tosses him across the room, knocking him unconscious. Buffy and Daryl fight some more. She knocks him into the Bunsen burner, which falls and ignites the gas. Xander shows up and attempts to rescue Cordelia. Daryl throws a canister of something that misses Buffy and goes into the fire, fueling it. This is getting a little ridiculous. Is Buffy going to wing a bottle of whiskey into the fire next? Cordy, in more and more of a panic, tells Xander to untie her, but the restraints are too tight. Giles and Willow arrive and drag the unconscious Eric out of there. Xander gives up on untying Cordy and pushes the gurney through the flames, lying on top of Cordy to protect her, although it was probably equal parts that and copping a feel. Daryl gets the better of Buffy, and is about to smash her skull with a desk when someone screams his name. It's Chris, accompanied by Miss Calendar. Daryl hesitates, then notices the Bride-to-be on another gurney. He goes to it, saying they'll always be together. Chris tries to go to him, but Buffy stops him. The flames rise up and consume the couple Frankenstein, but not before Daryl literally gets a leg over. Hey, that's what happened.

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