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Library. Willow checks to see if there have been any deaths lately that would be candidates for head donation, but she comes up with nothing. She tells them that the head has to be fresh, as formaldehyde accelerates neural decay in the brain, so any head treated with it is useless, and thanks for telling us this before the episode's over, dear. I'm all for minimizing exposition, but that's taking things too far. Eyes going wide, she starts to ask Buffy, "You don't think that they would..." Buffy: "I think anyone who cuts dead girls into little pieces does not get the benefit of any doubt." She orders Xander and Willow to Eric's house, and says she and Giles will take Chris's. Giles hems and haws about his date, like, isn't that a little ridiculous, Mr. Sacred Duty? Especially since your date knows about your other calling? Buffy doesn't have time to argue, however, and suggests they just meet at the game. Willow advises Buffy not to be too hard on Chris, as he's not a vampire. Buffy snits, "He's just a ghoul." Looks like someone needs to attend tonight's installment of the lecture series entitled "When Morality Isn't Black And White"!

Chez Epps. Vaguely Insane Mother answers the door. Buffy says she's looking for Chris, and VIM lets her in. She's again smoking and watching one of Daryl's games. She surprises me with the ability to talk, telling Buffy some highlights of the game. She tells Buffy that Daryl made all-city that season. Not to nitpick about a fictional football player's record on a TV show about vampires and the girl that hunts them, but doesn't that pale in comparison to Willow's earlier assertion that he made all-state? The things you notice when you recap. ["And how many high schools does Sunnydale have, anyway? If there's just the one, couldn't any member of the football team be considered 'all-city'?" -- Sars] Buffy's all, that's nice -- where's Chris? VIM says she doesn't know. Buffy notices the door to the basement, which is decorated with some stuff that sort of indicates it might be Chris's domain, and enters. Inside, she walks down the stairs to the cellar set that I'm convinced was used in "Normal Again," "Dead Man's Party," "Restless," probably "Helpless," and any episode involving Xander's basement. She looks around and discovers a drawing of a girl with the photo of Cordy's head attached to the top. Behind her, Daryl approaches from out of the shadows, but Buffy hears someone open the door to the stairs. She scampers through the window. Daryl looks pissed.

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