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Something Blue

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Something Blue

In Giles's kitchen, Willow removes cookies from a baking sheet and puts them on a tray Anya is holding. Willow says she'll keep making cookies until she doesn't feel so guilty and also she has to "detail Giles's car." Xander is testing Giles's vision as Willow passes out cookies. Giles complains that he still needs his glasses and that Willow should have given him 20-20 vision. "Eat a cookie -- ease my pain," Willow tells Buffy, adding that baking eases some of her guilt but not much of her "inner turmoil." Spike, who is tied to a chair, wants a cookie too, but Buffy says he can't have one. He sneers that he still has "Buffy taste" in his mouth, and then tells the assembled group that Buffy wanted Wind Beneath my Wings for the first dance at their wedding. Everybody stares; a humiliated Buffy claims it was the spell and leaves the room. Willow follows her, after stuffing a cookie in Spike's mouth. I notice that Willow is wearing a t-shirt that says "Speak No Evil" -- insert your own anvil joke here. Willow apologizes to Buffy again; Buffy says she might need a forgetting spell and she's now totally over the whole bad-boy thing. As Buffy talks about having a decent relationship, she suddenly recalls that she told Riley she was engaged.

Later that day Buffy and Riley walk on campus, talking. Buffy laughs and says she can't believe that Riley thought she was serious about getting engaged. Riley still seems confused (Buffy, he ain't never going to get un-confused, so you should just give up now), so Buffy clarifies that she was teasing Riley, because she thought he was freaking out over her looking at wedding dresses. She jokes that he was looking at her like a "cartoon ball and chain." Riley finally accepts that Buffy was pulling his leg, calls her insane, but asks whether she's still single. She looks at him sweetly and says yes. Her curly hairstyle looks somewhat better in this scene. She tells him he has a lot to learn about women. He slides his hand under her hair and it looks like he's going to kiss her, but he just says that Buffy can teach him and then walks away. Yuck.

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