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Something Blue

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Something Blue

In the bathroom of Fort Giles, Buffy is questioning Spike as to the nature of the commandos and the location of the lab. She's obviously frustrated with his pat answers of "human" and "underground." Enter Giles with a yellow mug and a straw. Spike, who is chained in Giles's bathtub, snits, "It's about time. I hope you got it warm enough." Giles ignores Spike's poor manners and hands the "Kiss the Librarian" mug to Buffy, who winces at the contents before holding it near Spike for him to drink out of. Spike slurps greedily and Buffy flinches. Spike wonders why she is so "dainty" when she "must've done this for Angel." Buffy has had enough and takes the mug away, leaving a protesting Spike with the straw dangling out of his mouth and getting cranberry juice everywhere. Buffy tells Spike that "the kitchen is closed" until he remembers something useful. Spike believes his life expectancy will be greatly shortened once he's divulged his information. Giles interjects that they aren't going to hurt a "harmless creature." I understand that keeping Spike alive is necessary for the plot at this point, and I do love having him around, but I'm having trouble grasping the concept that Team Buffy would ever consider Spike harmless and leave him unstaked for very long. Giles continues to miss the point, saying that they can't release him until they are certain that he's impotent. Spike bristles at that choice of words, and Buffy suggests "flaccid" instead. Spike warns her that she's "one step away," and she sarcastically comments to Giles, "Help! He's gonna scold me!" Spike lunges at her but is restrained by his chains; Buffy shows that she's been faithfully attending psychology class, saying that Spike doesn't want to leave because they've "made it too comfy" for him. Spike: "Comfy? I'm chained in the bathtub drinking pig's blood from a novelty mug. That doesn't rate high in the Zagat's guide." Buffy asks him if he would like something nicer and arches her neck towards him to taunt him with her "bare" and "exposed" flesh. Now Giles has obviously had enough, muttering, "Oh please," and rolling his eyes. He walks into the living room, commenting that "if those two don't kill each other I might lend a hand" to Willow, who is sitting on the couch researching spells. She suggests a truth spell as Giles verbally kicks himself for not thinking of it. Willow takes off, saying that she will be "back tomorrow with donuts and motherwort." I snicker at the inclusion of "motherwort" in a truth spell. Giles steps back into the bathroom, and I suppose Buffy and Spike have made up because she's feeding him again. Giles mentions that Willow seems to be dealing well with Oz's departure. Buffy agrees, but Spike pipes up, "What, are you people blind? She's hanging on by a thread. Any ninny can see that." So I guess that makes Spike a ninny. Great insult there, Big Bad.

Willow enters Oz's former room and flicks on a light. As the camera pans around it, we find that it's empty except for the mattresses and a big TV. I'll take that TV if it's all right with everyone. Cut to the World's Largest Dorm Room with Willow -- in a cute pair of plaid pajamas -- crying on her bed as she talks to Buffy. We learn that Oz has sent for his stuff. Willow tearfully says, "I feel like I've been split down the center and half of me is lost." Cut to a concerned-looking Buffy in a blue tank top, saying, "I know. It feels like that now." "Oz is gone," Willow finishes mournfully, and thank god we switch to an overhead shot of Sunnydale because I was about to lose it myself there. ["Come back, Oz, come back." -- Ace and Sars]

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