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Something Blue

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Something Blue

Giles is waving some sage over Spike, who is now chained in his living room, attempting to cast the truth spell, but he's having trouble reading the book. Spike is not "sure about this spell stuff. It tends to be a bit unpredictable." Yeah, okay -- we get it. Giles takes a hanky out of his pocket to clean his glasses just as Spike notices the key to his manacles on the floor near him. Giles must have missed spotting the key because of his poor eyesight. As Giles is futzing with his spectacles, Spike works the key closer to him with his boot. Spike "won't have [him] doing mojo on me if you can't read properly. You could turn me into a stink beetle or what all," and he stealthily unlocks his handcuffs. Giles thinks "that would be a generous ending" for Spike. Spike suddenly stands and throws Giles against the breakfast bar and runs out the door, but not before grabbing his leather jacket.

Willow is complaining to Buffy about Giles's treatment of her. Buffy is consoling her saying that Giles is just concerned about her: "It doesn't mean he thinks you're a bad witch." It's Willow's turn for a pity party as she lists all the contrary reasons and says that the only real witch is "fuzzy little Amy," who is sitting on the bed behind them. Buffy thinks Willow is being too hard on herself, but that's lost on Willow, who continues, "She's got access to powers I can't even invoke." Not anymore, Will. All she has access to now is a Habitrail and an exercise wheel. As Willow says, "First she's a perfectly normal girl. Then poof! She's a rat. I could never do something like that," Amy turns from a rat into a very pleasantly surprised normal girl and then back into a rat, but Buffy and Willow don't notice a thing. Willow's pity party is temporarily suspended by the phone ringing. Buffy relays from Giles to Willow that Spike escaped, and prepares to leave. Willow doesn't seem to understand that Buffy has work to do, and suggests a girl's night. Buffy says that she'll be back as soon as she can and takes off. Willow petulantly says, "I don't see the big. He's probably just standing out there. You'll find him in two seconds." Her eyes get all creepy again so we can be sure that the next shot . . .

. . . is Spike, standing on the lawn. Buffy comes upon him immediately. They both thought that this "was going to take longer." Spike remembers that the door he escaped out of was right in this area. Buffy doesn't believe him, and Spike claws at the ground, ordering them to "fix [him]." Buffy has had enough and says she's going to gag Spike. Spike punches Buffy and then grabs his head in pain as Buffy punches him in return and he grabs his nose in pain.

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