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Something Blue

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Something Blue

Xander's pad. Xander calls up the stairs to his mom that he doesn't need anymore snacks. Anya, lounging sexily on the bed, protests that she liked the Fruit Roll-ups. Xander tells her to think of his lips as "the Fruit Roll-ups of love," admits that comment was gross, and explains that he's distracted by Willow being so upset. Anya ignores his blather and moves in for smoochies. After a little kissage and banter they fall onto the bed, only to be interrupted by an ugly toothy demon crashing in through a wall. Xander rushes the demon and is flung into his dad's work table while Anya protects herself with a baseball bat. Her demonic past proves handy as she tells Xander that drowning is the only way to take this demon out. Xander drowns it in the conveniently-full laundry sink, but as he does so another demon crashes in through the small window above their heads.

Buffy is on Spike's lap again, crooning the wedding march and walking a little bride n' groom figurine up Spike's arm. From the couch, Giles sneers, "So the plan is to cure my total incapacitating blindness -- tomorrow, is it?" Buffy agrees and asks Spike if the little blonde figures aren't perfect. Spike says he thinks the groom is insipid, and Buffy suggests smearing a little red paint on its mouth to portray the "blood of the innocent." Spike is pleased, they begin kissing, and Giles forcefully says, "Stop that right now! I can hear the smacking!" They can hear the smacking in Shanghai, Giles. Buffy puts aside the figurine and moves on to the wedding invitations, asking whether Spike wants to be "William the Bloody" or just "Spike," either of which will look strange. Spike mocks her name, Buffy demands, "What's wrong with 'Buffy'?" and Giles moans, "Oh! Such a good question." Spike and Buffy continue to bicker and then Anya and Xander burst in, yelling that they are being followed by demons. Xander then exclaims at the fact that Spike is untied, but Buffy tells him to calm down, and that maybe the demon parade is connected to Giles's blindness. Xander begins waving his fingers in Giles's face, who tells him to stop because "you smell like Fruit Roll-ups." "This is the crack team that foils my every plan?" sighs Spike. "I am deeply shamed." Buffy moves closer to Spike and says that he's right, and takes his arm. "Why are you holding hands?" demands Anya. Spike and Buffy turn to each other, then turn back to Xander and Anya; Buffy squeaks, "Spike and I are getting married!" then throws her arms around his neck. "How? What? How?" stutters Xander. Spike and Buffy swap spit and Xander, looking queasy, demands, "Can I be blind too?" He then begins to put together the chain of events and exclaims, "Willow!" Xander says that other than being fed up with Willow's mood swings, which Buffy agrees are tiresome, Willow had told him he was a demon magnet and said that Spike and Buffy should get married. Giles deduces that, for some reason, whatever Willow says is coming true and Buffy happily says, "And you both were affected! I probably only escaped because I'm the Slayer." The others are astounded. They agree they need to find Willow.

Willow morosely enters the dorm room, and is promptly grabbed by a demon. Lightning flashes and Willow screams.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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