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Buffy wants someone to make Andrew stop filming (because as usual, she can't be arsed to do anything for herself), but Rona says that if they save the world it might be nice to have a record. Amanda backs Rona up with, "If we don't save the world, then nothing matters." Kennedy snots, "Let's make that our slogan." If only the Action Monkeys were here to slap Kennedy silly. Anya, Xander, and Willow all chime in in support of Andrew's project, but Buffy just stands there, her arms crossed, saying Andrew is wasting time. Because he should be busy baking her things she obviously doesn't eat? Andrew continues to film during this whole debate. Buffy turns to Spike and expects him parrot the Buffy line because that's what mindless devotion from your flunkies is all about, but Spike says, "It seems like a fine way to keep the boy busy." When he's not blowing Spike in the basement. Oh God! Sorry. I have no idea where that came from. Oh, yes, I do. From the insanity. Buffy tells them, "This isn't about keeping busy! This is about war." She goes into speech mode and addresses the group, "I'm sorry to jump all over you guys --" "Doesn't she jump all over them every week? Does she apologize each time?" laughs Ash beside me. Buff begins talking about her vision at the end of "Get It Done," and Andrew slips out of the kitchen. Through his camera, we see that Spike is quietly doing the same.

Ash: [pretentious critic voice] This is all very postmodern. That young man is filming the TV show, which is being filmed. It's a show within a show layered with meta-commentary.
Ace: [same critic voice] Yes, you see, Andrew inhabits the role of the observer, the outsider. He sees as the audience does. He is the gaze, if you will.
Ash: Oh, he's the gays, all right. Ha! You can put that in the recap.
Ace: Honey, in a world where rainbows can be homophobes, I'd better not.

In the dining room, we can hear Buffy going on and on while Andrew addresses the camera: "Honestly, gentle viewers, these motivating speeches of hers tend to get a little long." And yeah, the mocking of Buffy's speeches in this episode really did bug me because, hey, writers? You wrote those speeches! If they're boring and non-motivating and mockable, why are you subjecting us to them? If you want us to take Buffy's authority as Slayer, organizer of the resistance against the First, and speechmaker seriously, you can't write the damn play and undermine it by hiding in the wings and making little mocky faces and going, "Blah blah BLAH blah blah," while she talks. If the speeches suck so much, write better ones or don't write them at all. But this, this meta-mockery approach, reminds me of Flanders's parents: "Man, we tried nothing and we're totally out of ideas!" Ugh. Moving on.

Andrew promises to take his viewing audience back into the kitchen when Buffy is done, but until then, he's going to tell the camera a little about himself. He describes himself as "a man with a burden, a man with a dark past." Yes indeedy, Andrew's confession that he was "once a super-villain" flings us right into a full-blown Andrew Fantasy Sequence. He's all snazzy in a suit and tie as he dictates super-genius chemistry gobbledygook to his fawning minions, Jonathan and Warren. Funny, but I never figured that Andrew's fantasies about Warren would feature that much clothing. Clenching his fists all super-villain style, Andrew declares that his evil plan will make Buffy "super-magnetic." Jonathan and Warren are impressed, postulating that knives and other sharp objects will fly at Buffy. "We could walk right by her and she wouldn't be able to stop us," gloats Andrew, but Warren sees a kink in the plans, namely that the Trio's metal belt buckles might cause an involuntary attraction to the Slayer. In a tone of great portent, Andrew explains, "In my plan, we are beltless!" Snerf. As Warren moons that Andrew is "good-looking and smart too," Andrew smugly raises an evil genius eyebrow.

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