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Surprise (1)

Buffy and Angel enter Angel's tastefully lit apartment, or janitor's closet, or wherever it is he's supposed to live. Is it an abandoned building? Does he pay rent? Who knows! They're both drenched and Buffy is shivering with cold, so Angel gives her some dry clothes and tells her to "get under the covers, just to warm up." She goes into his bedroom area to change; Angel follows. Buffy sits on the bed with the dry clothes and just stares at him until he turns his back. As she's taking off her little sweater, she gasps in pain and explains she has a cut. Angel, with his back still turned, suggests he could take a look and Buffy agrees, modestly holding her sweater up to her chest -- never mind the fact that Angel has seen her in less before. Heck, she wears much less than that every day to school -- it's not like she's naked. Anyway, Angel sits behind her and tells her the wound is "already closed," but meanwhile he's slipping down the strap of her tank top. Buffy turns towards him and they snuggle. Buffy sniffles and whispers that they can't be sure of anything, but Angel shushes her. Buffy turns to face him and Angel says, "I love you. I try not to but I can't stop." Buffy loves him too, and they kiss, as the Buffy/Angel theme swells on the soundtrack, Angel lies back on the bed and Buffy follows.

Later (although I'm not sure how much later, considering it's been sixty years or more since Angel got any), the couple is sleeping in Angel's bed. Thunder crashes and Angel sits up in bed, obviously in great pain. He runs from the apartment (having gotten dressed in the meantime) and falls over some trashcans, screaming, "Buffy! Buffy!" 'cause nothin' lasts forever in the cold November rain. Or something.

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