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Surprise (1)

As Buffy sleeps, she dreams that she's wearing a fancy satin nightgown and walking around in Spike's lair. All of Dru's party decorations are in place and Buffy sees Jenny Calendar walk by. She finds the boxes of Judge-bits and starts to open one when she's interrupted by Dru's voice. Dru is standing above her on the second story and has a knife at Angel's throat. Buffy wakes up screaming "Angel" and turns to hug him.

At the warehouse, Dru is dressed up in a red satin gown and starts to make the rounds of her vamp party. Carried away by the mood of the moment, she executes a wriggly little dance, which is something I hope to never see again after finishing this recap. Dru bugs. Spike rolls up carrying one of the Judge-bits boxes on his lap. Vamp henchmen take the final box and add it to the others, which have been stacked up in a vaguely humanoid form. As soon as they add the final box, bright light shines out from within the box figure. The boxes open, revealing a trollish-looking bright blue demon. "He's perfect, darling. Just what I wanted," simpers Dru, and then gives an evil glare. 'Cause she's crazy and all.

The Judge comes trundling out of his box and points his finger at Dru accusingly. "You two stink of humanity. You share affection and jealousy," he grunts. "Shyeah, what of it?" demands Spike, tapping the Judge's sheet-metal overalls. He looks like Farmer Judge in that outfit. Spike reminds the Judge that he and Dru are responsible for his reanimation, and Dru offers him one of the other vampires as a "party favor." The Judge takes offense at Dalton because he "reads" and demands that Dalton be brought to him. Apparently, the Judge is not up to full strength, but by touching Dalton he manages to burn him right up. Dru gets very excited and demands an instant rerun. ["Watching this episode, I thanked my personal deity many times for Juliet Landau's 'movie career.' May it keep Dru off the Buffy set forevermore." -- Ace]

Buffy stomps through the library and Giles wonders where she's going. She explains that she had a dream that showed her where Spike and Dru are, and she then takes charge of the Scooby gang, explaining that she and Angel will do recon on Spike and Dru while the others try to stop any more boxes from arriving in Sunnydale. She hurries off with Angel in tow.

At the warehouse, Buffy and Angel creep around on the second story. Below them, the party is still in progress. As they watch, the Judge wanders by with Spike rolling alongside him. The Judge pauses, then looks right up at Buffy and Angel. They try to run, but are grabbed by two henchvamps and dragged downstairs. Dru and Spike taunt the goody-two-shoeses, and when the Judge expresses interest in Buffy, Angel demands that the Judge take him instead. Spike tells him they're both going to die, and Angel struggles as the Judge reaches towards Buffy. But the Judge is still a little box-lagged, apparently, because he moves towards Buffy very slooowly, giving Buffy time to kick him away and Angel time to release a pile of televisions onto his head. The televisions have apparently smashed a hole in the floor, and Buffy and Angel drop through into the sewers. Run Buffy run! Run Angel run! They evade the henchvamps and exit a manhole cover into a blinding rainstorm.

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