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A Bug's Life

Basemantis. Xander and Blayne futz with the bars of the cage for a few minutes before the She-Mantis wheels around to stare them down.

Willow prints out Miss French's address, Giles complains about how recording bat sonar is "akin to having one's teeth drilled," and Buffy shoulders her weapons and says, "Let's roll." On their way out, Willow reveals that, according to the records, Miss French was born in 1907. Giles remarks cheerfully that she's "extremely well-preserved." Hee.

Basemantis. The She-Mantis, which in the light looks like one of the more obscure opponents of Godzilla, sways out of the shadows and approaches the cage. The boys wig.

The Gilesmobile pulls up at Miss French's house. Giles hisses that Buffy can't just break the door down, but she's about to do just that when a little old lady answers the door. Before the Scoobs can say anything, she apologizes for all of her son's crappy films; she knows he didn't deserve the Oscar for A Beautiful Mind, but it's not like she has any control over the Academy. Okay, she doesn't, but that really is Ron Howard's mom, Jean Speegle Howard. Buffy asks for Miss French, and the old lady says that's her; Buffy's confused, and the real Miss French explains that she retired in 1972. Buffy snaps that she can't believe it; the She-Mantis used Miss French's records to get into the school, and "she could be anywhere!"

Basemantis. The She-Mantis plays eeny-meeny-miney-moe to choose which boy to mate with first, and lands on Xander.

Back from the break, she beckons Xander out of the cage. He hitches slowly forward to give his Hush Puppies a product placement, then slugs the She-Mantis and tries to run, but he doesn't get far up the stairs before a pincer hauls him back down. He lands at the bottom of the stairs in a heap.

Outside Mrs. Howard's, Willow asks what they should do now. "Abject prayer and supplication would spring to mind," Giles grunts, but Buffy's sure the She-Mantis lives in the same neighborhood; it's where Buffy saw her before. Willow's going to start knocking on doors, claiming they have to do something, but Buffy stops her: "We will." Cut to Buffy going down the same manhole Fork Guy used earlier and assuring the other two, "I won't be long." I've just noticed that Willow is wearing a stripey blue and white sweater and a brown paisley-patterned skirt with black tights. I know she's not all that fashionable, but you can dress kind of down-market and still, you know, match. I've never really gotten that about Willow's wardrobe. Nothing about it is bad on its own; it's that she wears that weird stuff together. Nowadays, she's all matching, but it's all fugly. Anyway, she peers into the manhole as Giles calls after Buffy.

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