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Come And Knock On Her Door

Science lab. Willow, looking at the cookie under a microscope, announces that it contains some sort of tranquilizer that keeps the eater mellow and compliant. Dude, most cookies do that without any sort of drugs. Feed me a bag of Nantuckets and I'll do just about anything. Uh-oh. I may have to change my address before this recap goes live. Xander realizes that this is evidence against Ted, but he claims that it clears Buffy, which sounds like a dubious assertion to me, but then, I don't even have a criminal record, so what do I know? Cordy strides in to say that Willow's search hit pay dirt, and she has Ted's personal records, marriage certificates, and address. The three Scoobs move out.

Giles patrols. Someone approaches him from behind, and he whirls and brandishes a cross. It's Miss Calendar. "I get that reaction from men all the time." I'm interrupted by an instant message from Sars that reads, "Be thankful he didn't use the axe!" ["If by 'be thankful he didn't,' you mean 'I wish he'd thought to.'" -- Sars] Giles asks what Miss Calendar's doing there, and she explains that she saw his car and wanted to apologize. She goes on that she was very harsh the other day, and that she knows how badly he must feel about endangering her life. Looking past her, he replies, "Imagine how I must feel now." She turns to see a vamp behind her. Hey, the cross wasn't just a cheap joke, was it? WAS IT?

Buffy, in her room, hears a noise. She calls for Joyce, but gets no answer. Annoyed, she goes to the window, but discovers it's nailed shut. She mutters, "Well, it's official. This day can't get any worse." Suddenly, Ted appears behind her and menaces, "Beg to differ." Buffy gapes. Someone's been up to some malarkey, little lady!

After the break, Buffy manages that Ted died. He confirms that she killed him. "Do we have something to say about that?" Hee. She asks what he is, and he pogo-sticks over the top with his delivery of, "I'm a salesman!" He tosses her across the room.

In the park, the vamp charges. Miss Calendar gets out of the way, and the vamp tackles Giles instead. Giles calls for his bag as he holds the vamp off with the cross, then kicks him and gets up. The two grapple as Miss Calendar gets out the crossbow and trains it on them.

Buffy lands some kicks and punches, but they have little effect, and Ted grabs her by the throat. He explains that he had to shut down for a while to get her off his back. "You should have seen the intern's face when I got up off the table; it was a hoot. Fun's over, though." He reaches his other hand toward Buffy's neck.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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