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Come And Knock On Her Door

School. Xander cornflakes stuff we basically already knew or should have figured out. Forty-four minutes can be a bitch to fill sometimes. And since there was a fair amount of filler in this episode, I think they could have fit in a short scene between Giles and Buffy regarding her behavior and the possibility of her killing an actual human in the future. Willow says it's sad, because the real Ted was a genius, as his design features were way ahead of his time. Buffy asks if Willow kept any parts, and she admits that she did. Buffy says she plans to forget the whole thing ever happened. They reach the doors to the library, and looking in, Buffy says she gives up. Willow looks squicked too. Xander and Cordy look in and titter to each other, then run off. The camera shifts to reveal Giles and Miss Calendar macking inside. Hee. I said "titter." Yeah, I'm white trash, all right.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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