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Come And Knock On Her Door

A coroner zips Ted into a body bag. I wish a cable show about coroners and the wacky lives they lead existed from which I could lift some material, because frankly, I'm feeling hard pressed to come up with jokes in this part of the recap. Six Feet Under is just too much of a leap, I'm afraid. Buffy sits on her front stoop in shock. A man introduces himself to Joyce as "Detective Stein," and asks her what happened. Joyce tells him Ted fell down the stairs, but when he asks for more details, Buffy confesses that she hit him.

At the police station, Joyce waits as Detective Stein interviews Buffy in his office. How about a wacky show about Sunnydale's police department and all the unexplained phenomena they come across every day? No? Man, I'm sinking like a stone here. Buffy tells the detective that Ted was in her room, and they got into an argument. Upon further questioning, she discloses Ted's threat from the golf course, then tells him about Ted actually hitting her in her bedroom. The detective gives her an appraising look and notes that it doesn't appear he hit her very hard, which may be true from his point of view, but doesn't seem at all relevant unless he means to question the truth of her story. Buffy tells him she doesn't bruise easily, and confesses she's been hit before. She starts to panic, but Stein tells her, "I believe you. Things got out of hand. He's a big guy." Interesting -- it seems like he does believe her, but it also seems like his unstated question is, "So how did a pretty little thing like you beat up a guy three times your size?" Outside, Stein fairly amiably tells Joyce that they're going to look into it further, but they're not charging Buffy with anything now. Joyce is momentarily relieved. Establishing shot of Joyce's SUV on The Longest Ride Home In The History Of The World. I mean, the ride home from a party you weren't supposed to go to or from the principal's office can seem pretty long. But the ride home from the police station after you've killed your mom's boyfriend makes a trek across the Yukon seem like a dash to the Quickie Mart, don't you think? Buffy tries to make eye contact with Joyce, but that ain't happening.

School. Buffy enters, and in a nice touch from wardrobe, is wearing overalls, which is the only piece of clothing that can compete with sweat pants in conveying that today, you really just don't give a flying fuck. Her arrival prompts a bunch of whispering and obvious looks from students and faculty alike. How professional, SHS staff. Xander and Willow catch Buffy in the lounge, and ask why she's there. Buffy says Joyce wouldn't even look at her, and she had to get out of the house. Willow asks what happened, and Buffy succinctly says that she lost her temper and let Ted have it. Xander asks what he was, and it's touching that he has so much faith in her. Buffy, with a single look down, conveys that Ted was, in fact, human. Willow jumps in that Ted must have started it, but Buffy says that defense won't work, because as the Slayer, she had no right to hit him. I'd like to interject that I think this is the best example of any character on the show taking responsibility for his or her actions, and I don't believe the revelation later in the episode should detract from the way Buffy conducts herself here. If only everyone behaved the same way, later versions of Buffy included. Xander generously tells her that he knows her, and that she would never intentionally hurt anyone, unless..."They were dating my mother?" Buffy finishes. She leaves, and Willow and Xander regard each other worriedly. Buffy rounds a corner and comes into view of the library. Giles comes out and rushes over to her, telling her to ask if there's anything she needs. She sees a couple of unfamiliar people around the library doors, and Giles haltingly explains that they're just asking a few questions. Buffy peers in and sees Detective Stein, and takes off, extremely upset. Giles looks chagrined.

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