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Dawn exits the bathroom and catches sight of the double doors leading to the morgue area. She quickly passes through them, down the darkened hallway, and into the area where they perform the autopsies, locking the door behind her. I find it hard to believe that, in a town such as Sunnydale, this area would be deserted. Ever. I'd imagined it to be like the 7-Eleven of autopsy areas. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Dawn walks slowly to her mother's body and stops before it. She reaches tentatively to pull the sheet back, but stops herself. Behind her, another sheeted body sits up, and an awfully pale and especially gross-looking vampire pulls the sheet off of his face. We see a shot of his legs as he walks into the frame behind Dawn, the only sound the soles of his feet slapping against the concrete. Wordlessly Dawn turns around, and her eyes widen in surprise and fear, probably at the vampire but also just as probably at her first sight of undead full monty.

Back in the waiting area, Willow, Xander, and Anya come back, arms laden with snacks and sandwiches and coffee. And look at Xander with his five cups of coffee in paper cups all leaning tower of Pisa in his arms. I don't care how consumed by grief you are -- you just don't do that to coffee. Willow mentions that "[they] panicked," and Anya adds that "the sandwiches are meat." Because we all know that meat makes everything better. Willow wonders where Dawn is, and Buffy goes off to look for her. She glances at the bathroom door, but quickly deduces that Dawn went to look at the body and retraces her sister's steps.

In the hallway, Buffy's pace quickens as she hears Dawn's screams. She breaks through the locked door, shouting, "Stop biting her! And…put that thing away!" Or maybe that's what I said. Buffy runs over and grapples the vamp off of Dawn, who falls to the floor, pulling the sheet halfway off of Joyce in the process. And they fight. Look, if they're not going to put more effort into choreographing the fight scenes, I'm not going to put effort into recapping them. While Buffy and the vamp wrestle on the floor, Dawn stares up at Joyce's hair peeking over the edge of the gurney. Buffy decapitates the vamp, and she rolls over on her back, breathing heavily for a moment, as the realization comes to her that while everything is different, nothing has changed. She picks herself up, calling softly to Dawn. Dawn rises to her feet, looking at Joyce, and asks Buffy, "Is she cold?" "It's not her," replies Buffy, "she's gone." "Where'd she go?" queries Dawn as she reaches out to touch her mother's body.

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