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Giles enters the library to find some police officers awaiting him. The leader, a no-nonsense officer who, as Omar would say, just happens to be black and female, greets him by name, and tells him he'll have to come down to the station. Giles asks why. No-Nonsense Officer informs him of the homicide on campus, and says that while Philip had no identification, he was carrying a slip of paper with Giles's name and address on it. Giles is flustered. Cordy enters the library, blathering about the computer review session and a book she needs for it. Giles points out the police officer, but Cordy takes the opportunity to ask her for help with a ticket. "It was a one-way street. I was going one way!" Heh. Giles barks her name, and she defensively asks why everyone does that, as she can take a hint. Getting no help, she asks what the hint is. Giles seethes, "To come back later." You don't think Cordy can get the last word in this exchange, do you? Oh, ye of little faith! Cordy: "Yeah, when you've visited decaf land." Hee! She leaves. Giles asks No-Nonsense Officer where he needs to go.

Morgue. An employee opens a freezer and asks Giles if he ate breakfast. The answer is no, and the guy says that was a good idea. Leave the morgue humor to Six Feet Under, dude. He uncovers Philip's corpse, which is covered in nasty-looking contusions. Giles identifies Philip as a friend from London, but says they hadn't spoken to each other in twenty years. No-Nonsense Officer asks if Giles can think of any reason why Phillip would want to contact him. Staring at Philip's arm, which bears the same tattoo that Giles saw in his dream, he says no. No-Nonsense Officer picks up on that, and asks if he knows the significance of the tattoo. Giles answers in the negative. No-Nonsense Officer doesn't look convinced, but we don't see her again, so who cares?

Hospital parking lot. Buffy complains to herself that Giles is late. A van pulls up, and two doctors come out to greet the driver. Buffy: "All's well that ends with cute ER doctors, I always say." I think Sars would agree, since I've seen the pictures she has on her refrigerator. However, Buffy immediately realizes that her motto is flawed, as she muses to herself that doctors don't usually take deliveries. Wouldn't the van driver have noticed the change in procedure? The van pulls away, and the driver of a heretofore hidden convertible turns on its lights and pulls into the center of the lot. The driver's in vamp face, as now are the two "doctors." One of the "doctors" bites open a bag, but the driver admonishes him not to sample the "product." So they're...selling it? Whatever. Buffy rushes them. She's doing well, but is nonetheless relieved when Angel comes out of nowhere to join her. Buffy stakes the two "doctors," while Angel kicks the driver back into the car. The driver takes the opportunity to peel out of the lot. Buffy checks on the cooler filled with blood packets, and asks Angel how he knew about it. Angel tells her that everyone, by which I assume he means every vamp, knows about it. She asks if he can make sure the hospital gets it. She at least raises her eyebrows to acknowledge that he might have some difficulty just handing over so much blood. And why was he there, anyway? To protect it, but maybe steal a packet or two for himself? Didn't he have a few of those packets in his refrigerator in "Angel"? Anyway, he agrees, and she says she's worried about Giles, as he was supposed to be there. Angel: "Maybe he's late." "Maybe"? Sometimes Angel really isn't the brightest star in the heavens. "Sometimes"? Okay, you got me. Buffy points out that Giles counts tardiness as "the eighth deadly sin," and Angel agrees that she should check up on him. Well, now you've caught up too, Dead Boy. The Typing Monkeys mutter, "Who's that idiot?"

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