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I wonder what the return policy is?

Up on top of The Minaret Of Malevolence, sad music plays as two minions tie Dawn's arms to posts. We see a shot of her bare toes, hanging over the edge of a hole in the metal deck. Oh, right. Like Glory and her love for accessories wouldn't have picked out just the perfect pair of slippers for a ritual bloodletting. A long shot confuses me, because it looks like Dawn could slip the ropes off the top of the post and escape, but upon rewinding it does appear that the ropes are secured to the posts through some sort of metal loop. Why do I care? I have to worry about Anya becoming Bride of Xander next season. At this point I'm firmly on Glory's side. The camera pulls back to show Dawn in her Renaissance Faire dress, hair fluttering in the wind.

Der Zauber Kasten. Tara stares at a display cabinet as Buffy and Spike return from her house. Spike throws down his bag of weapons, and Giles confirms that the gang is on schedule. Buffy nods to Willow, who approaches Tara and sadly says, "Tara, baby, is there somewhere you should be?" Tara crazies something in a surprisingly deep voice and then starts to leave the shop. On her way out, she delivers a little message to Giles: "You're a killer! This is all set down." Buffy instructs Willow to follow Tara, but not too closely, and says the rest of them will be along shortly. She then reminds the gang, "The ritual starts -- we all die. And I'll kill anyone who comes near Dawn." Attitude much, Buffy? These people are risking their lives to help save your sister, and they've heard your "don't hurt Dawn" speech already. She stomps off, and Spike mutters, "Well, not exactly the St. Crispin's Day speech, was it?" Giles: "We few, we happy few." Spike: "We band of buggered." They hoist their weapons and head out.

Fiddling with her bandage, Tara makes her way through the Sunnydale streets with Willow behind her. Oh! I'm happy to see Willow (or someone) put shoes on Tara. Since she's still in her pajamas, I was worried about her wandering the streets barefoot. Wouldn't be good to pick up a case of lock-jaw to accompany the craziness, you know. My Uncle Bunky almost died of lock-jaw. It's pretty unpleasant. The rest of the gang follows behind Willow. Tara rounds a corner, stares up into the sky, and then continues on. Willow, Spike, Anya, Giles, Xander, and Buffy stop to catch their first glimpse of Glory's High Dive To Hell. Bet they're all thinking, "Aw shit, we didn't need Tara to find that." Because, huge tower looming over downtown Sunnydale? I'm thinking they might have spotted it sooner or later. Giles speculates that the portal will open mid-air, necessitating the construction of The Devil's Derrick. Off-screen, Buffy says, "Will, you're up." Will opines as to how she could use some courage, and Spike offers his flask. Hee! Naw, she wants the "real kind," so Spike shrugs and puts it away. Long shot of The Barbican Of Badness, and then we see the base, with Glory's human crazies going about construction. Isn't it done yet? Remind me never to work for a hell god -- I hate putting in overtime. Tara trundles in and grabs a brick, but then Glory's behind her, demanding to know what she's doing there. "She's with me," menaces Willow, and quickly grabs both Glory and Tara by their heads. Blue electricity crackles over all three women as Willow's fingers sink deep into Glory's skull. Some screaming, and then a huge force blows all three of them to different sides of the set. Two minions hover over Glory as she tries to figure out what Willow just did to her. Turns out Willow stole back Tara's brain and left Glory feeling a little peckish. "Take [my brain], oh groovetastic one," grovels one of the minions amusingly, but Glory can't make a meal off minion-brain. She rubs her head distractedly and rants, "Need a brain!" Oh, that's wide open. That's a huge, wide-open space just begging for a joke. So wide open that I'll be sporting and just move on. "Suppose I could always use yours," observes Glory, and we see Buffy has arrived. "Okay then," challenges the Slayer, "Come and get it."

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