Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Harsh Light Of Day

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The Harsh Light Of Day

Giles's apartment. The Scooby Gang is discussing the fate of the ring. Buffy decides to give it to Angel, and Oz offers to take it to him in Los Angeles, thus segueing neatly into the Angel crossover portion of tonight's "event."

Buffy and Willow are walking around campus at night, discussing Parker. Willow comforts Buffy, and Buffy glumly wonders if every guy she sleeps with is going to turn evil. Might I suggest that Buffy not sleep with any more vampires -- physical or emotional? Buffy hopes that she and Parker can still work things out. Buffy! Where is your spine? I know you have one, we just saw Spike almost sever it six ways to Sunday. I think Willow needs to explain the Poophead Principle to her in greater detail. Buffy decides to spend the night in her mopey little world as she walks off alone to think.

Now we come to the final scene, which is probably supposed to be poignant but just comes off as heavy-handed. Buffy, Anya and Harmony are all walking in the same frame, sulking about their respective men. None of them looks up at the sound of a thousand anvils crashing down on my living room floor.

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