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The Harsh Light Of Day

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The Harsh Light Of Day

Credits. Giles in leather, sporting a chain saw? I can dig.

Oz rescues Willow by prying Harmony off her with a mike stand and holding her back with a cross. Harmony sneers at Willow about hiding behind her boyfriend and starts singing, "My boyfriend's back and you're gonna be in trouble. Hey now, hey now, my boyfriend's back." Well, not really, but that's the gist of what she said and I was in the mood for a little musical interlude. As Harmony flees, she reveals the most revolting outfit I've seen on a vampire yet: red pants, pink tank top, and a red shirt that, against all the immutable laws of fashion in the universe, is tied in the back. If just being a vampire weren't enough to get a girl staked in these parts, that outfit would seal the deal.

Cut to Buffy and Parker "Xander 2: Wrath of Xander" Abrams walking down the street. Parker notices the scar on Buffy's neck, which she got from Angel feeding off her to counteract Faith's poisonous arrow. Buffy says that she got the scar from an "angry puppy," and I wish Angel were around to hear that description so I could see which of his two facial expressions he would use. Actually, I take that back. Good-bye and good riddance. Buffy tries to instigate a game of "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" and asks if she can see any of Parker's scars, but he evades by saying all of his scars are psychological. To me, this would be a big clue to call it an evening, but Buffy presses him, and he mentions that his father died last year. Buffy stammers out an apology and Parker cuts her off saying that he's okay with it. Furthermore, he's not doing the sympathy thing. He says that he hates guys who are "dark and brooding so give me love." Me too. Especially if the brooder is Angel, whose attempts at emoting left me wondering if he'd run face-first into a wall right before his scene. Buffy and Parker take a seat on a bench in front of a random eatery and talk about how important it is to "live for today." I agree with Parker that most of the people who adopt that as their philosophy are just hedonists looking for "an excuse to goof off and not study for finals." The close-ups on Parker are beginning to frighten me because his eyeballs have too much white in them. Also, they bulge. So Buffy asks Parker what he's going to regret not doing today, only the way she says his name makes it sounds like "Pucker." His big regret is being too nervous to ask Buffy to some stupid frat party tomorrow night. Buffy answers in the affirmative before he's even finished and since the party is tomorrow we learn that Buffy is no Rules girl.

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