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The Initiative

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The Initiative

The camera pans up from a strewn pile of items on the floor next to Willow's bed, and we see Willow lying awkwardly and stiffly on the bed; Spike sits glumly at the end. There's a long silence, then Spike says, "I don't understand. This sort of thing never happened to me before," and touches his forehead gingerly. Willow doesn't move, but suggests that perhaps Spike was nervous. He denies that and leaps on Willow again, trying to bite her neck, then recoils, grabbing his head in pain. He jumps on her again and rolls off again, screaming in pain. He leaps up and kicks Buffy's night-stand out of frustration and starts pacing the room, looking annoyed. Willow, her voice shaky, sits up and suggests, "Maybe you're trying too hard. Doesn't this happen to every vampire?" Spike shouts that it doesn't happen to him, and Willow, suffering from the extreme loss of self-esteem caused by one's boyfriend boinking someone else, says, "It's me, isn't it?" Spike, still pacing the room and upset by his inability to perform, looks at her and asks what she's talking about. Willow explains that since Spike came looking to bite Buffy and had to settle for Willow, that perhaps his heart wasn't in it. Spike waves a hand dismissively and says, "Piffle!" Willow continues to wade around in the morass of her self-loathing and says she's always the "good friend" type, not the type vampires like to bite. Spike tells her not to be ridiculous, sits on the bed near her, and admits that he's thought about biting Willow before. "When?" she asks and he replies, "Remember last year? You had on that, ah, fuzzy pink number, with the lilac underneath?" and gives her a sexy, eyebrows-raised leer (again referring to "Lover's Walk"). Willow looks gratified and tells him she didn't guess, he played it cool. "Mmm, I hate being obvious -- all fangy and 'rrrrr,'" says Spike, and he makes that little clawed-hand gesture, adding, "Takes the mystery out." Willow, recovering to her usual helpful self, tells Spike that his "problem" doesn't make him "any less terrifying," but Spike looks extremely pained and tells her not to patronize him. I'm just waiting to see Spike shilling for the vampire equivalent of Viagra.

Riley and his boys are lurking in the bushes and scanning Stevenson Hall with some sort of infra-red type device. Through the windows of the dorm, they sense a few 98.6-degree humans, and then a figure that is room temperature, indicating it is a vampire. The science behind this device seems a little doubtful, but we're suspending disbelief here. They pull on their ski masks and prepare to enter the dorm.

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