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The Initiative

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The Initiative

The next day, Riley walks across campus in the sunlight and spots Buffy crossing a grassy area. He runs up to her and apologizes for his strange behavior the night before. Buffy apologizes too and says that sometimes it's just nice to be out alone at night. Riley agrees, but says, "Gotta be careful though. A lotta strange -- people out there." As they continue to walk, Riley asks after Willow, and Buffy says she's okay, but "that stupid fraternity prank on our dorm didn't help any." Riley then recalls that Willow and Buffy live in Stevenson Hall, and when Buffy is surprised that Riley knew that, he says he was talking to Willow about helping him with a "project." Buffy smiles at him and reminds him that he had wanted to tell her something at the party the night before. "Oh yeah," says Riley, self-deprecatingly, "very important stuff. I don't remember any of it now, but you would have been fascinated. Possibly even moved." Buffy just looks at him, and he says nervously, "Did Willow tell you I like cheese?" Buffy looks perplexed and then calls him peculiar. Riley, recalling that's the way he described Buffy, says he can live with that. They continue to walk across campus together. Am I supposed to like Riley better now that it's revealed that he is a Man With a Secret? I'll get back to you.

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