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The Initiative

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The Initiative

Credits. I notice that Spike has replaced Oz. That better not mean that Oz isn't coming back.

Hey, it's time for the belabored secondary plot line involving, you guessed it, Giles and Xander. They're hanging out at Giles's pad. Giles is on his couch, putting the finishing touches on his sketch of our mystery marauders. He holds it up for Xander to see, and it's not half bad. In my role as Giles's career counselor, I suggest getting a job as a sketch artist for the police. Xander comments, "The latest in fall fascism. I like it." Heh. Giles morosely says that they look human and therefore there isn't a need for any research. Xander suggest breaking out the Ouija board and conjuring up something to do. Enter Buffy, sans knock. Ahem. Manners? Giles suggests that Buffy patrol that night to be on the lookout for the commandos, but Buffy refuses. Giles protests, but Buffy says that she's taking Willow to a frat party tonight to cheer her up. Ugh. I can't think of anything more depressing than going to a frat party, especially when I'm broken-hearted. Xander asks how Willow is doing and Buffy replies, "She's dealing. I'm helping. It's hard. Ergo party." Buffy informs the odd couple that they can take the patrol. I slip Buffy an etiquette handbook with the section on "please and thank you" highlighted. Buffy excuses herself, saying that she has to go "find something slutty to wear." I'll give five bucks to anyone who can tell me what the point of this scene was.

Spike is pacing in his cell. He eyes the barrier feistily but thinks better of making another attempt. As we hear a mechanical beep, a tile in the ceiling opens and a bag of blood drops to the floor. Spike picks it up and is about to rip into it when a voice intones, "Don't. It's drugged." "Who is that?" Spike asks." Just a lab rat. Like the others." (Actually, it's the captured vamp from the season premiere.) The captured vamp goes on to explain that the men in white coats starve the vamps and then give them drugged blood to knock them out, and that's when the experiments start. Spike, inspecting the wall between their cells, casually asks, "And 'they' are? The government? Nazis? A major cosmetics company?" Random Reoccurring Vampire Character says that he doesn't know: "One minute I'm running from the slayer, next I'm in here." At the mention of Buffy, Spike pounds the force field in frustration and says, "I always worried what would happen when that bitch got some funding." Ha! He continues with the idle threats, saying, "I'll take her apart. I don't care how brilliant she is."

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