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The Initiative

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The Initiative

Riley, Forrest, and Graham outfit themselves in commando gear while Dr. Hardass briefs them on the situation. She says that Hostile 17 has a big head start and if the guys "fail to capture it, [then] everything we've worked for -- the Initiative itself -- could end tonight." Riley declares that nobody will fail; a bunch of commandos gather around Riley and Dr. Hardass, and she tells the commandos that Riley is in charge of the operation. Riley begins to assign the troops various areas of the campus to search. The troops move out. Riley, Forrest, and Graham emerge from a not-at-all secret exit with a big red flashing light on top and begin to search for Spike.

"What is wrong with him? Doesn't Spike get that this is my town?" Buffy demands. She's sitting at Giles's with Giles and Xander. She complains that Spike chose her night off to cause trouble. "I'm sure he'd pick another night if he knew you were busy with Teutonic boy toy," sneers Xander, rolling his eyes. Buffy demands to know what he meant by that, and then says that Riley is a "doof." Giles looks exasperated with the bickering and postulates that Spike's main target will be Buffy. Buffy declares that tonight will be the night she kills Spike. Um, I think not, Buffy, because now he's in the opening credits. Buffy tells Giles and Xander that her plan to is go alone, lure Spike to a deserted place, and "give him what he wants." Oh, hmm. I'll take this opportunity to mention that Giles is wearing a heather-gray turtleneck sweater that I'm afraid isn't very flattering and makes his jaw look huge. I liked his tweedy duds of past seasons better, I think. Buffy rises to leave, but Xander calls for her to wait. He offers her a gun, which she identifies as a flare gun and says she's not planning to signal ships at sea. She does promise to flare if she gets into trouble so that Giles and Xander can come to her aid. Buffy marches out and Xander asks Giles if he thinks Spike will find her. "I'm sure of it," a concerned-looking Giles replies.

We see a dark office with papers strewn about on the floor. Spike is sitting at a computer terminal, viewing a screen titled "Stevenson Hall." As he scrolls down the screen, we first see Willow's name, then Buffy's. Spike smiles, leans back in the chair and says, "Hello, gorgeous." Y'know, considering how old Spike is, he's really mastered the new technology. I assume the office was wired with some sort of alarm, not to mention his apparent ease with computers (which is more than we can say for Giles).

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