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The Initiative

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The Initiative

Riley and crew sneak through a wooded area. They spy through some bushes, and Graham informs Riley that they've encountered a civilian. Shouldn't they be wearing their ski masks? Riley checks with binoculars, and we see Buffy sitting on a park bench waiting for Spike. Riley looks exasperated, and Forrest quips, "At least she's not making crazy naked sex." Riley says they need to get rid of Buffy, but Forrest suggests they use her to lure Hostile 17. "You wanna use the girl I got a crush on for bait?" asks Riley incredulously (and with rather bad grammar for an upperclassman). Forrest claims that he can take Hostile 17 out before he ever reaches Buffy, but Riley doesn't like the idea and refuses. Graham wants to know how they are going to get Buffy out of the area.

Cut to Buffy sitting on the park bench. She hears someone approaching, jumps up, and pulls out a stake, but quickly hides it behind her back when she realizes it's Riley. He has stripped out of his camo garb, down to just his t-shirt and jeans. She asks what he's doing, and he says he didn't get a chance to say goodbye to her at the party. He scans the area, and while his back is turned, Buffy stuffs the stake into her purse. Riley makes a point of mentioning that Buffy left the party with her "friend -- who's a boy." "Xander?!" Buffy asks. "He's not anyone that I," and she was obviously going to say "date," but lamely finishes, ". . . want to talk about right now." Buffy and Riley are both preoccupied with their agendas, darting glances around, and Buffy tells Riley that she "need[s] a little alone time now, alone." Riley demands to know why, and Buffy responds, "I need space." Riley, peremptorily: "We're outdoors." "Emotionally, I mean emotionally," says Buffy, looking confused and obviously wondering how to get rid of this doof. Riley suggests there's plenty of space in Buffy's dorm, and offers to walk her there. "You wouldn't believe the weirdos out at this hour," he jokes and reaches to take her arm. Buffy jumps back and declares that it's a free campus. She tells him she doesn't need help and that if he were a gentleman, he'd go away -- far, far away. She sits primly back down on the park bench and, not looking at him, gives him a brush-off hand gesture and says, "Shoo!" Riley seems to be losing his patience and asks Buffy if she's drunk. She agrees that she is and demands that he go report her. "I'm taking you home," snaps Riley and grabs her up off the park bench. Buffy shoves him away and asks, "What? You think that boys can take care of themselves and girls need help?" Riley: "Yeah." Buffy: "That is so Teutonic!" Riley says, "As long as you're out here I'm staying." Buffy: "Well, as long as you're out here I'm staying." Suddenly they hear a woman screaming, and shouting, "See ya!" they dart off in opposite directions. Riley rejoins the other commando dudes, who are tracking Hostile 17 with some sort of GPS unit thingy.

A shot from the ceiling in Buffy's and Willow's dorm room. Willow is lying glumly on her bed, listening to depressing music. She hears a polite knock on the door and says, "Come in." Spike slowly swings the door open and enters the room. "Spike!" exclaims Willow and jumps up from the bed. He approaches slowly as she demands to know what he wants. She's terrified and quickly offers to do a spell for him (referring to "Lover's Walk," an episode from last season in which Spike kidnapped Willow to perform a spell to help him get Drusilla back). Spike looks appraisingly around the room and Willow attempts to make a run for the door. He quickly grabs her and throws her across the room where she crashes into her night-stand. Ouch! "I'll give you a choice," Spike says insinuatingly, approaching Willow slowly. "Now, I'm going to kill you, no choice in that, but," and he moves to stand very, very close to her, "I can let you stay dead, or -- bring you back to be like me," and he morphs into his game face. "I -- I'll scream!" blurts Willow, who looks pretty damn scared. "Bonus!" says Spike and goes for her neck. Willow lets out a high-pitched scream and Spike grabs her by her face, turns the music up loudly on her boom box, and throws her down on the bed. As Willow struggles to get away, Spike flips her over onto her back and jumps astride her. She shouts, "No!" and flails at his chest with her fists but, still straddling her, Spike grabs her hands, holds them down, and goes for the bite on her neck. The camera moves out to the dorm hall, where we can hear the music playing in Willow's room and see the other residents unknowingly going about their business. Ugh. This was one of the more disturbing scenes on Buffy I've ever had to sit through.

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