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The Killer In Me

Anyway. Kennedy demands that Amy remove the hex; Amy jokingly agrees, and then firmly refuses. She says she didn't hex Willow because she hated her; rather, "it's about power." I wish I had the power to turn this boring crap off, dagnabbit. But since I don't, I have to sit through Amy's supposed explanation -- she wanted to punish Willow for having things so easy with her magical power, and for being loved by her friends even after she killed people and destroyed the world. I don't buy the first half of the explanation, but I guess I can give a reluctant "okay, whatever" to the second half. Amy claims she was just having a little "fun" and playing a game with Willow. Kennedy lockjaws some empty threats about stopping Amy, and gets zapped right out of the room for her troubles.

Suddenly, Kennedy is in the Summers's backyard and it's full daylight. So is Sunnydale getting the shortest night ever because Los Angeles is stuck in the longest one, or something? Ah, fanwanking. The refuge of the desperate and disoriented fan. With all the fanwanking and tortured retconning being performed on the boards about this episode, I really feel that the fans worked much harder on it than the writers did. Can we all get a producer's credit or something? Making sense of an hour of TV shouldn't take so much effort. ["Oh, I agree. My mom did some lengthy complaining about it too, and usually she's the one listening to me bitch about Buffy." -- Ace] Kennedy looks around the yard, and at that moment Willren as Willow storms in through the gate, just like Warren did in "Seeing Red." Willren reenacts Warren's dialogue to Buffy from last season and points her gun at Kennedy, who is a little baffled. Willren shouts, "This is what I am. I made it happen and I'll make it stop," which seems to indicate that she thinks killing Kennedy will break the hex. I'm not sure about that, though. I could be drunk. Wouldn't be the first time this season I had to resort to liquid refreshment to finish a recap. Kennedy wants to know what Willow made happen, which just indicates to me that she hasn't been in Sunnydale long enough to accept that most of the shit that happens there makes no sense whatsoever. Willren explains, "You were there, bitch. You saw it! I killed her!" Her? Him? Her? Him? Everybody's confused about who feels what for killing whom. Kennedy points out that Willren claimed she was present, and asks, "Who did you kill, Willow?" Willren, flashing back and forth between Willow and Warren, waves the gun around and calls Kennedy a slut for tricking her and making her forget. "Tara," deduces Kennedy, with a stump-stupid look on her face. No kidding, dimwit.

Willow regains control slightly and desperately says, "Kennedy. I can't hold on -- he's winning." Never mind what Kennedy says in reply, because it's really not important. Willren as Willow starts to cry and says she's being punished for letting Tara go, for kissing Kennedy and forgetting her dead, gay Tara. "She was with me. We should have been forever and I, I let her be dead. She's really dead…and I killed her." Aw, I'm feeling all sorry for Willow, but then she sinks to the ground and begs, "Please, baby, I'm so sorry!" Ech. I always hated it when Willow had to call Tara "baby" because it just never came out of Aly's mouth convincingly. Then there's some nice sound editing where Willow's begging voice blends into Warren's, but that's marred by the fact that Adam Busch's "crying face" looks a lot more like a "laughing hysterically" face. Kennedy kneels next to Willren as Warren and tells her (him?) that she doesn't think Willow did anything wrong. She explains the Warrenness is "just magic" and says magic "is just like fairy tales." The fairy tales about doing too much crack? I'm not familiar with those. They must be a new urban breed of fairy tale. Jack and His Magic Crank Lab, Nodding-Off Beauty, Goldilocks and the Three Bongs, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs She Services Because She's A Crack Ho, and so on. Kennedy leans in for a kiss, and Willren as Warren pulls back. "What are you doing," s/he asks. "Bringing you back to life," Kennedy whispers, and she and Willren as Warren mack. ["And I feel a resurgence of my secret crush on Adam Busch from last season. I've always been a sucker for a guy with sideburns and strong noses." -- Ace] The camera circles as they kiss, and when it's made a full revolution, Willow is kissing Kennedy. Kennedy pulls back from the kiss; seeing that Willow has returned, she smiles, "Hmm, I am good." Please do shut up. Willow touches her own face gratefully. Kennedy asks, "Are you all right?" and Willow glances up towards the window where the stray bullet entered to hit Tara. It's a nice subtle moment, and I'll be interested to see if it was in the script. Willow's not sure if she is all right, but lets Kennedy help her into the house. And I'm sure that was all supposed to be a message of hope and love and acceptance, but it just made Willow seem like a pathetic victim of her own feelings who can't help herself to get well, but instead needs to be saved by others over and over. Xander last season, Xander and Buffy earlier this season, and now Kennedy. If anyone should be out in the desert looking for a few answers, alone, it should be WILLOW.

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