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The Killer In Me

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The Killer In Me

Y'know, this theme song doesn't really fit the show anymore. This is a theme song for a girl who has a sacred duty to protect the world and still makes a little time to have fun. This is not a theme song for unhappy little moppets that spend all their time pulling faces.

Buffy comes into the kitchen, where Willow is making tea. Buffy says that things aren't going well with Spike, but Willow thinks that the lack of screaming is a plus. Buffy wonders if the tea is for Kennedy. Buffy starts to tease Willow, and Willow is all, "It's just tea!" I'd much rather see Buffy and Willow maybe have a conversation about whether Willow is really, y'know, ready to move on after losing Tara. I mean, considering that Willow's grief was so great that she tried to annihilate her friends, the world, and every living creature, you'd think that it would be considered an important discussion. I guess Buffy got distracted by someone pointing out to her that we haven't focused on Spike for thirty consecutive seconds. Therefore, Buffy asks Willow what she remembers about Spike's chip. Willow's answer boils down to, "If it's not readily available on a website, I ain't got jack." Buffy worries that the chip must be malfunctioning, because Spike was able to kill all of those girls without much trouble back when The First was making him her man-bint. Willow goes to take Kennedy her tea, and Buffy resumes teasing her. "It's just tea," grumbles Willow from down the hall. It's never just tea, though, is it, Willow? It's Boo-tay Tea.

Willow raps briefly on Kennedy's door before entering with her booty tea. She walks in to find Kennedy fully dressed and pulling on some fashionable leather boots. "For someone who's sick you look surprisingly robust and casual-dressy," notes Willow. That's because Kennedy wasn't really ill at all. She's just faking so that she can try and get it on with Willow. How terribly well-adjusted of her. Kennedy doesn't tell Willow this right off the bat. She phrases it in terms of, "I have a mission. And I need your help." Making it sound like there is Something Serious Afoot. As Kennedy pulls on her jacket, I catch sight of her ugly-ass suspenders, which remind me of nothing so much as that late-eighties sitcom My Two Dads. As if I needed yet another reason to hate Kennedy.

Bronze. Band. Cut to Willow and Kennedy sitting with big foofy-froofy girl drinks. Watch it! What with Willow's addictive personality, she might turn into a girl-drink drunk. Also, if I were Willow, I might think twice about someone who lied to me to get me to go out with her. And it looks like Willow is taking my advice; she gets up to leave when she finds out that there is no big mission afoot. Kennedy begs Willow to "hang out with [her] a little," because showing your potential partner that you're that pathetic and desperate for their company is very sexy. It's not quite working, and Kennedy figures that she has to be even more of a self-serving leech by telling Willow that she's "sexy" when she pouts. Which just sums up Kennedy's problems, if you ask me. Also, I'm going to be sick. "Why do you do that?" asks Willow. "To get you to stay," admits Kennedy. Gah. Kennedy is like an even less likeable, even more wooden-acting, lesbian version of Riley. No wonder I hate her so. Willow agrees to stay for one drink, thus proving to Kennedy that it's quite easy to manipulate Willow into doing what Kennedy wants, as long as she remembers to talk about how great Willow is. Kennedy immediately begins to barrage Willow with questions like, "How long have you known that you're gay?" and when Willow busts on her for presuming that she's gay, Kennedy rephrases it to, "How long have you enjoyed having sex with women?" Willow gets a little shrill, but for reasons I will never fathom, she doesn't just get up and leave. Kennedy blathers something about flirting, and she must have charmed Willow somewhat, because Willow admits that she realized that she was gay three years ago. Yeah. Losing a guy like Oz might be enough to turn me too.

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