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The Killer In Me

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The Killer In Me

Back at the basement of Casa Summers, Buffy hands Spike a damp cloth so that he can dab the remains of a burst blood vessel off of his face. Buffy speculates that this sudden chip pain might possibly be related to his having a soul, or having been under the control of The First. "Or maybe I wasn't meant to last this long," offers Spike. Don't tease me, Captain Peroxide. It's not nice. Buffy looks pensive, and promises to fix things. Spike isn't optimistic that she's going to find much to research. Buffy realizes that Spike is right, and that the problem facing them is more of a "phone thing" than a "book thing" -- in any case, it cannot possibly be described without using the word "thing" at least fifty-seven times. "Who you gonna call?" asks Spike idly, before realizing from Buffy's reaction that that phrase is never going to be free of its Ghostbusters connotations.

Kennedy. Willow. Bar. My pain. Continues. This entire episode seems to be a constructed as some bizarre experiment to see which scene can cause me the most pain. We have Buffy caring about Spike, Buffy getting in touch with Riley, and a tertiary and entirely charm-free character sucking up three quarters of the available screen time. Kennedy asks Willow if her parents know that she's gay. We learn that Willow did indeed come out to her parents and that her mother was very proud at first of the political statement that Willow was making. How very Sheila Rosenberg. How much more would I rather see a flashback to the scene of Willow coming out to her mom than having to sit through this scene? Oh, let me count the ways. I might have to invent some new numbers to do it. I can only count up to a squillion.

Casa Summers. In the background, Spike sits on the stairs and grabs his head in pain while Buffy is calling the Ghostbusters. Oh, wait, my bad -- she's asking to speak to Riley Finn. She has to repeat herself a number of times to the person on the other end of the phone. It really isn't going well. "Is this actually a flower shop, or is this one of those things where I'm supposed to play along to show that I know it's really secret ops?" And here we have one of exactly two laughs I had this episode. Two laughs. Sixty minutes. From a program that is ostensibly supposed to entertain me. Hell, I got more mileage out of Shrub's State of the Union last week. Buffy turns back to Spike and explains that it was either a "wrong number or a giant government conspiracy." Spike screams.

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