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The Killer In Me

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The Killer In Me

My screams commingle and overlap with Spike's as I see that we're back to the Bronze for the next scene. "It was Gone With The Wind," says Kennedy. Ah. If only Kennedy would go with the wind. Anyway, that's how Kennedy knew she was gay. Willow still can't figure out why Kennedy likes her. Gah. I know that I rail on Buffy for being self-centered, but it seems to me that Willow pretty well has her nose stuck in her own navel. All of her conversational gambits this episode seem to be of the "right -- so let's talk more about me. Specifically, tell me why you like me" variety. Kennedy's first response is basically, "Dude, look in the mirror. You's hot." Charming. Take two. Kennedy comes up with some of the many, many things that they have in common. Things like, "Italian. Skate punk. Robert Parker mysteries." Except Willow doesn't like any of those things. Kennedy's not doing too well, is she? So in a final saving moment, she says that she loves the way Willow is unable to completely watch a movie from beginning to end. Or something. I don't know. I got bored. And then! The most amazing thing happened! My TiVo went flooey! I didn't think it was possible, but everything got all pixilated and it dropped me into the middle of the next scene. It's like the TiVo knew I was in pain and wanted to protect me. It's a guard TiVo. So here's what I remember from the originally airing of the episode: Kennedy and Willow were annoying me at the Bronze. Then they went home. Kennedy and Willow were annoying me at home. Then Huge Kennedy Head moved closer to Huge Willow Head like they were super-deformed anime versions of themselves. They kissed. Willow turned into Warren, and Kennedy knocked over a lamp in her haste to get away because she was kissing icky man-lips.

Willow/Warren runs downstairs. You know that thing we do for the names when people switch bodies on this show? "Fuffy"? "Baith"? That? Yeah. It doesn't work too well when both names start with the same letter. Thanks a lot, ME. Xander, Anya, and Dawn are all hanging out on the couch. When they see Warren, they spring up in fear, and Xander shoves Dawn behind him while yelling for Anya to get Buffy, because they assume that it's The First, and they're afraid of it…standing too close to them? I don't know. Willren starts to explain the situation, but nobody is believing it. Look, here's Andrew! The reunion that nobody has been waiting for! He drops his snack and speechifies to Warren that he's good now and not going to be under his thrall anymore. Buffy has finally trundled up from the basement and burst on the scene, and she's quick to punch Willren but seems very surprised that her blow connects. Cries of "he's not The First" echo around the room. "My God," exclaims Andrew, hugging Willren from behind and copping an accidental feel in the process, "You're back." All of a sudden Spike gambols into the background, moaning, staggering, and grabbing his head. Good God. This scene is like a French farce, except without any French, any farce, and anything remotely funny. Kennedy explains to Buffy that Warren is Willow. Xander still isn't convinced, but Willow reminds him of other stories from school that don't involve yellow crayons, but do involve Aquaman Underoos. I have to give Adam Busch props here for doing the wide-eyed and upturned chin thing that Aly uses in her portrayal of Willow. Xander is either suitably convinced of Willow's identity or wants Warren to shut his cake hole before revealing anything incriminating. The gang begins to speculate about what could have brought this on. Willren, anxious to avoid having to admit to the kiss, straight away says that it is probably another case of Willow inadvertently hexing herself. She immediately hedges towards the door, promising to take care of things herself. Buffy isn't too keen on letting her go alone, but Willren gestures to a prone Spike, insisting that Buffy has enough on her plate. While the gang is busy standing around and looking at Spike, Kennedy slips out the door after Willren.

Cut to Willren walking across a street. Kennedy has cut her off at the pass and steps into her path. She tries to use a bit of humor to make light of the situation, but stick-in-the-mud Willow is just refusing to see the funny side of her flaying a guy alive last year. I wish Andrew would take a tip from her. Willren tries to send Kennedy on home, but Kennedy isn't really good at listening to people and respecting their wishes. What she is good at doing is ignoring any opposition and being a pushy little freak with no sense of boundaries. Therefore, Kennedy tags along. She wonders if Willren has any idea where they're going. "To see some old friends of mine. It's been a while but maybe they can help."

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