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The Killer In Me

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The Killer In Me

Back from commercial, Willren races from the classroom, Kennedy following close behind. Hee, Adam Busch runs like a girl. Oh, I guess that was acting. Willren turns to talk to Kennedy out in the hall, and we see shots of Willow and Warren edited together rather nicely as Willren agitatedly explains, "I'm turning into him. It's not a trick. It's not a glamour! I'm becoming him. A murderous, misogynist man!" Well, actually it's my opinion that Willow is turning into her conception of Warren, not the real thing, but I guess that's immaterial here. Willren continues, "Do you understand what he did? What I could do?" Judging from the dopey look on Kennedy's face, she's still stuck back on "misogynist" and trying to sound it out: "Mee saw whuh?" "I killed him for a reason," rants Willren but Kennedy doggedly whines, "Getting angry isn't helping. We can still try --" My god, she's charmless. Willren interrupts that Kennedy "understand[s] nothing about magic" and stomps out, throwing up a barrier spell so Kennedy can't follow her. Trust your instincts on that one, Willow.

The rilly, rilly dark Initiative. Do you think they kept the set so dark in order to avoid having to reconstruct it in any recognizable fashion? Anyway, Buffy and Spike wander about with their flashlights. The beams of the flashlights illuminate various decomposed corpses. Of demons, I suppose. I wasn't sure if the implication here was that the Initiative left the demon experiment subjects to die, or if these are supposed to be corpses from the big battle waged between demon and Initiative forces at the end of "Primeval," so I just had to go read my entire recap for that episode, and of course it was brilliantly funny and all, but I resent having to do that much research on Season Four for a Season Seven recap, y'know? Spike and Buffy's exposition doesn't help much in deciding, as Spike only says, "They just sealed the place off. Left everything as it was." I've decided that the bodies are from the big battle. I'm sure you're all relieved. Buffy and Spike head through a security door into another room. There's some strangeness about the lighting in this scene -- most of it is totally dark, which makes sense for a sealed-off and abandoned complex, but the room they just entered is dimly lit by red light. Powered by a uranium core located next to its spine, perhaps? Gah -- you know I'm desperate when I'm making nonsensical Adam-related jokes. Kill me now. Buffy and Spike hear a creaking noise, and a figure passes by a window behind them. "Locked in a dark basement with an unidentified monster" is pretty much a daily occurrence on this show, so the writers are going to have get up a bit earlier and try a little bit harder if they want to creep me out.

Xander is driving; Anya is in the passenger seat next to him, Dawn and Andrew in the back. Anya wants to know how long it's been since Giles left with the Junior Misses, and Xander claims it's been a few hours. It seems like it should have been quite a bit longer than that, but okay. Xander ominously opines that if Giles is The First, he "didn't bring [the Junior Misses] out there to meditate." Yeah, I think we got that. Andrew asks Dawn if she's happy now that she isn't a potential Slayer. Dawn doesn't answer, but you can just tell she's sad that none of this revolves around her princess-y self. Anya and Xander worry that they'll be too late to save the Junior Misses. I really, really hope they are. Dawn frets that they'll be stuck in the middle of nowhere with "no Slayer and no powerful witch." Anya sums up their resources: "Just a teenager, a powerless former demon and two big geeks." Too bad for you, then.

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