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The Prat Pack

A married couple with a young son named Joey leaves a house and bickers. They get into their SUV. The father wonders where the keys are. I have no idea what he's talking about. Did he leave them in the car, and the Prat Pack stole them? Do I really care? We hear voices calling, "Joey!" Again, this is pointless, since the kid's not going anywhere. Xander and the Prat Pack appear out of nowhere, and menace the Bickersons. Xander breaks the driver's side back window and tries to drag Joey through it. Buffy runs up, and knocks away Balk Lite and Feyon, then gets Xander's attention by telling him not to play with his food. Clunk. She tells him to come get what he wants, then runs off down the street with the five in pursuit. Wouldn't they, like, stay for the nice meal? They'd get a free SUV out of it!

Willow and Giles reach the entrance to the hyena house; Giles tells Willow to stay outside, and to alert him when she hears Buffy coming. He goes inside to prepare the ritual.

Buffy runs through the woods. The Prats chase her.

Giles enters the hyena house. He cracks me up by calling out, "Doctor? Zookeeper?" So English to worry about niceties in a life-or-death situation. Z.E. comes out, wearing face paint. He's a face-painter! Just like David Puddy! Giles notes that it's the traditional garb of the tribe that practices transpossession. He then sees the sacred circle, and wonders why he would need that, unless...he smiles humorlessly as realization dawns. I get distracted as I notice that he's wearing an ugly scarf. This is a disturbing trend. I always thought of Giles as a master mold of fashion, but that's two recaps in a row where he's been wearing something hideous around his neck. Anyway, he turns to Z.E. "How terribly frustrating for you, that a bunch of schoolchildren could accomplish what you could not." Z.E. acknowledges that, but says he'll have the power soon enough. Giles tries to get by him, but Z.E. hits him in the stomach and then the back with a club, knocking him out. He drags Giles's unconscious body off-camera.

Buffy runs some more. Willow hears hyena noises, and goes into the house. She calls for Giles, but finds only Z.E. She tells him that they're almost there, and wonders where the hyenas are. He says they're in the cage. Willow doesn't see any red flags in the face paint, the ceremonial garb, the absence of Giles, or the fact that Z.E. takes some rope and ties her wrists together. Willow? Clue phone! It's for you!

Buffy approaches the house, and yells that they're right behind her. Z.E. grabs Willow and holds a knife to her throat, reminding her about the "predatory act." Willow: "You'll pretend to slash my throat and put the evil in the hyenas?" Z.E.: "Something like that." Willow finally figures out what's going on, and as Buffy enters, Willow yells that it's a trap. Xander and the Prat Pack tackle Buffy from behind, and are about to make dinner out of her dinners when Z.E. shouts something in, I assume, the language of the transpossession tribe. More unexplained plot points: What happened to the predatory act? Did the Prat Pack's attack on Buffy satisfy that requirement? Or was it unnecessary because he was only transferring the hyena spirit to another human -- himself? Sigh. Xander and the Prat Pack's eyes glow, as do those of Z.E. He growls, and tries to snack on Willow, but Xander runs into him. Z.E. slaps him aside, but Buffy's recovered by this time, and she attacks him. They fight, and she quickly flips him into the hyena pit. He tries to crawl out, but the hyenas make short work of him. Huh? Isn't he as strong as they are? And would they really attack a human possessed by another hyena? I know this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but this episode kind of sucks. The Prat Pack bails. Giles stumbles out into the room: "Did I miss anything?" I'm really glad they didn't go with Butt-Monkey Giles on a long-term basis.

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