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The Prat Pack

Wrap-up time. Buffy, Willow, and Xander walk through the courtyard at school to the outdoor stairs. They talk about Flutie's death, and the girls tell Xander he had nothing to do with it. That's another thing that bothers me about this episode -- it seems like such a cop-out that Xander wasn't involved in Flutie's death. I guess since it was only the sixth episode, they didn't want to make one of the characters too unsympathetic, but still. They inform him that he did eat a pig, but he doesn't remember anything. Willow thanks him for saving her life, and they share a nice moment. He asks if he did anything else bad, and Buffy generously tells him no. She and Willow leave. Giles appears, and busts Xander, saying that he's been reading up on transpossession, and there's no record of anyone suffering memory loss afterward. Xander nervously asks if he's told Buffy and Willow that, but Giles promises to keep the secret. Xander walks off dejectedly. Aw. Giles looks after him mischievously. I don't remember Giles being so silly.

Strengths of this episode: Editing, score, NB's acting. Weaknesses: Over-exposition, terrible pacing, crappy supporting cast. Sorry, but it's just not one of my favorites.

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