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The Prat Pack

Xander and the Prat Pack walk into the hall. Willow's waiting, and she sticks her chin out and calls Xander's name. He comes over, not out of earshot of the Prat Pack. He says he knows he's been different around her, and that his feelings have been changing. At this point, Buffy appears and goes to her locker, putting her in earshot of the conversation as well. Xander continues that he's dropping geometry (since when do you get a choice about taking geometry?) and says he won't be needing her tutoring services any more. "Which means I won't have to look at your pasty face again." Ouch. He and the Prat Pack laugh loudly. Willow can't believe it, but finally takes off. Buffy slams her locker and slowly approaches Xander. They respect her enough to momentarily stop laughing, but start again when she says, "You gonna say something to me?" They walk off. Buffy looks very concerned.

Xander leads the Prat Pack outside. Feyon feys. Xander sniffs the air and announces, "Dogs." They walk over to a table where two Phish-fan types are having some musical argument. I'm amazed that they both have had more lines so far than Miss Cleo. They ask Xander for his opinion. Miss Cleo and Blake grab their hot dogs. The Phish fans protest. Feyon gets his one good line of the episode: "You're sharing." Miss Cleo and Blake sample the dogs. I half-expected Blake to start sucking on his. Xander asks if they're good, but Blake says they're too well-done. I bet you like your meat raw, Blake. Miss Cleo cracks me up by cleaning off her fingers with a napkin. It just seems so incongruous. Xander sniffs again, and the Prat Pack is off, but not before Blake caresses one of the Phish guys' shoulders under the guise of wiping his hand off.

They walk into the classroom where Herbert is residing. Blake is licking his lips in a manner that's a little suggestive for just eating. They close the blinds and surround the cage. Xander: "Let's do lunch." How about after the script rewrite? They start hyena-cackling at the terrified pig. Sure, no one'll hear that. Idiots.

Xander and the Prat Pack slo-mo walk up the stairs outside. Blake wipes his lips twice. Since no one else did it even once, I'm wondering if he had a little sausage after that ham. They walk. People look at them quizzically. They pass Lance. Blake wipes his lips again. Well, it wasn't his acting skills that got him this part. Xander looks up at the outdoor balcony, and sees Buffy and Willow sitting with their backs to him. He concentrates, and we're meant to understand that with his animal senses he can hear what they're saying. Cut up to said conversation. Willow says she's never seen him like that. AH does a great job of sounding like she just had a good long cry. Buffy says she thinks something's wrong with him. Willow: "Or maybe there's something wrong with me." This scene lends so much credibility to the Willow-freaks over Xander in "Innocence" and "Consequences." Buffy doesn't know what she means, but Willow points out that Xander's not picking on Buffy. She breaks my heart with this line: "Maybe three isn't company anymore." Aw. Buffy firmly points out that that doesn't explain why he's hanging out with the Prat Pack, and says he's just acting too weird. Willow wants to know what she's going to do. Buffy: "I'm gonna talk to the expert on weird."

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