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The Prat Pack

Buffy enters the classroom where Herbert became a ham sandwich. She sees the cage, which has been torn apart, and notes that the possessed humans are strong. She steps on something, and kneels down to inspect Herbert's bones. Creepy music plays as someone comes up behind her. She stands, and when she turns, Xander's in her face. She fakes right, and he matches the move. She says they need to talk, but then tackles him instead. Smart girl. He laughs: "Been waiting for you to jump my bones."

I've been waiting for something to happen, and I finally get my wish. In his office, Flutie lectures the Prat Pack on how sick they are. They're all dressed way better now, by the way. Who knew hyenas had a keen fashion sense? They start growling softly, and slowly move toward Flutie. We can see where this is going, but it's still scary, thanks to the editing and the creepy score.

Back to Xander and Buffy. Xander flips over to be on top of Buffy. She tells him to get off, but he says that's not what she really wants. He says she likes her men dangerous and mean, which is kind of hard to argue with in retrospect. He's all, "Well, guess who just got mean."

Flutie tells the Prats not to make things worse for themselves, and sits at his desk to call their parents. Blake, facing him across the desk, slaps the phone away from him. Flutie's hemmed in by Balk Lite on his left and the other two on his right. He grabs the phone again, but Balk Lite throws it to the floor. She snits, "I'm sorry. " I thought that was this scene's only weak moment -- they're supposed to be almost completely feral at this point, and she stops to be snotty? Flutie tries to get by them, but Feyon gives him a pretty convincing growl, and he falls back into his chair.

Xander bores Buffy with some talk, and she throws him off. Undaunted, he says that Willow's kidding herself if she thinks he would settle for anyone but Buffy. Buffy tells him she doesn't want to hurt him, but he grabs her and slams her into a snack machine. The force causes some change to drop through the machine. Nice detail. He says he likes it when she's scared, because she smells better. He sucks on her neck.

The Prat Pack is in full growl mode now. Flutie again tries to leave, but they don't let him. Blake jumps up to crouch on the desk. Balk Lite scratches Flutie across the face, drawing quite a bit of blood. Finally, something that Fairuza would actually do! The blood is the last straw. The other three lean in, and Blake jumps on top of Flutie. They all attack him. The camera does that tired pan in to Flutie's picture on the desk (who has a picture of himself on his desk?) to let us know that Flutie has gone to visit Herbert on that great slop farm in the sky. But when I first saw this episode, this scene was very shocking, I'll admit.

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